The Benefits of Going Laminate

Laminate flooring is fast becoming the underfoot solution of choice for all modern householders, but why should you get on board with the carpet-dodgers? Here's a quick look at some of the benefits of this chic option:


Interior designers everywhere can't get enough of laminate flooring. Its sleek appearance, which incorporates all the drama and classic elegance of natural wood flooring, provides a simple base for the designer's favourite style: minimalist. Due to its availability in a range of finishes, laminate flooring is also the perfect choice for those aiming to create a more traditional look in their home. Deeply-coloured oak finishes are perfect for creating a country manor-inspired look, especially when teamed with similarly dark pieces of furniture.


During the warmer months, having cool flooring underfoot can be a blessing: no one wants to think about sweaty feet on hard-to-clean carpet. Yuck!

Easy to clean

In the winter months, laminate flooring is the perfect antidote to trampled-in mud and snow, as it's so easy to just wipe clean. No expensive carpet cleaners, no mixing weird and wonderful chemicals, no scrubbing on hands and knees - laminate flooring needs a quick once-over with a wiper mop and it's gleaming again.

Great for an allergy-free home

As it allows you to clean it with such ease, laminate flooring is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Pet fur, dust and any pollen that has hitchhiked its way into your home can be swept up in an instant. You can use laminate flooring all over your home to reap the allergy-busting benefits. In bedrooms a washable rug or two can be used to create a feeling of snugness in the room, and in bathrooms the rugs will help to avoid the risk of slipping over.


Laminate flooring is a hard wearing choice and won't be damaged or marked by shoes or furniture. It won't gather stains the way carpet does, so you won't have to replace it on that account. If, however, a section does get damaged, you can just cut out the affected portion and replace it; there's no need to take up the whole lot!