5 Budget Updates for the Kitchen

If your kitchen has good ‘bones’ but lacks a cohesive decorating style or needs a punch of style, here are five budget ideas to give your décor a splash of creativity.


If you have a humdrum kitchen, consider a ceiling with style to bring in some stylish details.  While the old Victorian tin ceilings may be out of your budget, there are two budget options to get the look without the expense.  Ceiling tiles are an easy DIY project and come in a variety of patterns.  Armstrong offers a good line of lightweight tiles that have an old-fashioned pattern to them to mimic their expensive Victorian counterparts.  Easy to install with a simple adhesive, no one has to know they aren’t the real deal when they’re covered with a coat of paint.

An even more inexpensive option is textured wallpaper.  Sold by the roll, if it’s prepasted it can simply be moistened and stuck to the ceiling.  There are a variety of patterns available, and once painted, they can add some great texture to the room.


A kitchen is full of hard surfaces and straight lines, consider adding an upholstered piece of furniture to add some plush comfort to the room.  An upholstered seating bench for a rectangular breakfast table or even an easy chair with a side table in a corner for a ‘coffee nook’ will go a long way towards softening up the hard lines in this room.

Antique Accessories

Antiques can add warmth and charm to any room, including the kitchen.  If you have a collection, consider displaying it in the kitchen, particularly if you collect any china or primitive items.  An old advertising sign for a food product is a good addition to the walls, while an antique basket can add a bit of extra storage.


Replace your cabinet hardware with a new, updated style.  You’ll be surprised how much of a change it can make to your kitchen.  Try an unexpected finish or a cute figural handle to add some unexpected whimsy to the room.


An area rug in the kitchen can pull together the décor and soften the room just like it does in the living room.  The rug can pull together a color scheme, define a dining area or just add color to the room.  Don’t go with a high end rug, as spills and cooking grease may eventually take its toll, but find a good budget option. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, consider some throw rugs or one of the colorful anti-fatigue mats that go by the sink to help ease leg strain.  Your pets will appreciate any addition to the kitchen that will soften the floors for them.

A little extra tune up to your kitchen décor can go a long way.  Consider small steps for budget updates if you just need to add some style and color to the room.