Creative Budget Wall Coverings

Tired of paint and don’t want to deal with wallpaper that can be messy to put up and even messier to remove?  There are other options to consider that are creative and fun, and best yet – cheap!


Not only can you cover entire walls with fabric using plain old starch and water, but for a less messy option, try fabric wall hangings such as quilts, tapestries, embroidery or even rugs.  These options can not only hide damaged walls, but consider the color and texture they can add to the room. 

Kilims, flat woven Persian rugs, are perfect for wall display.  They are lightweight with bold colors and handwoven designs.  With today’s ‘going global’ trend, a Persian rug is hot, trendy wall covering, and if you buy well, a good investment!


Remember those posters and pictures from the teen magazines you used to plaster on your wall?  Save the paint and keep holes to a minimum with a cork wall covering on an area or even an entire wall.  Cork now comes in several patterns and colors, so it doesn’t have to be dark and dingy looking, most cork actually has an attractive pattern to it.  Since cork can also be used for flooring, there’s an attractive selection of cork tiles to choose from.

Bulletin Board

In lieu of cork, consider a giant scrapbooking wall or an area of it.  You can cover any sized piece of plywood with batting and fabric, add ribbon and accessories and you have a place to hang all those important newspaper clippings, photos and ticket stubs instead of throwing them in a box where they can’t be seen.


While I’m not a fan of mirrored walls in most rooms, some rooms in the house could handle a mirrored wall quite well.  Consider mounting mirrored wall tiles or a sheet of mirror in a dressing room or a dedicated home gym.


Put those undecorated wall to good use by adding storage.  Wall hooks, shelves and wall cabinets can take a plain-Jane wall and make it the belle of the ball by using decorative, creative wall storage options.

Wall coverings don’t always mean paint and wallpaper, get creative and put those walls to work in your room.