Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden Feature

Gardens serve a multitude of different functions. They’re places in which we can relax and get away from the world. They’re spaces to gather in with friends and family. And, if they’re properly cultivated, they’re also places of beauty in which we can observe and enjoy all the wonders of nature.

No Garden is an Island

Gardens also serve another function, which an increasing number of gardeners are now beginning to take into account when designing and planning the layout and content of their gardens. This function is, of course, to promote, protect and encourage the natural environment. From flowers and trees to birds and bees, the modern garden is no longer an island; instead, the onus is upon the gardener to ensure that their garden blends seamlessly into its wider ecological surroundings.

Of course, a garden still needs to be functional and suit the purpose of its keeper, so many gardeners opt for a compromise by creating an eco-friendly feature in their gardens, rather than transforming the entire plot. This feature can be achieved in many different ways, some of which we will discuss here.

Water Features

Water features, such as ponds or fountains, are excellent ways to uphold an eco-friendly ethos in your garden. Both flora and fauna thrive in the presence of an untainted water source, so you can do your part by making sure that your water feature contains no unnatural chemicals, has a simple but effective filtration system, and is easily accessible for any visiting creatures.

Careful Composting

Composting is the backbone of every good garden. Not only does compost provide excellent nutrition for your soil, but it’s a great way to deal with both household and garden waste. 

Perfect Party Planning

If you’re thinking about creating a party area in your garden, you can incorporate eco-friendly elements into it very easily. Plant larger trees which can serve a dual function as both windbreak and air purifier – this is of especial importance if you live in an urban area. Erect a trellis over which vines can grow and flourish. This will encourage birds and insects to visit and thrive. And if you’re thinking about a party patio, make sure to choose reclaimed paving or stone.