Flat Panel Television Displays

Thank goodness television sets are shrinking – gone are the massive beasts that needed a full size armoire or entertainment center that could easily gobble a small den.  No longer are we bound to humongous structures to hide televisions or hold the 200 pound beast.  But with the sleek, new flat panel plasma and LCD televisions, a new problem arises.  What’s the best way to hide, display or mount the darn thing.

Wall Mounts

The wall mount for flat screens is a mercifully inexpensive option, with non-swiveling mounts running under $100 for even larger screens.  Cantilever mounts use extending and swiveling arms to hold the television, making it a snap to adjust viewing angles.  Most are designed to attach to walls, but there are options for ceiling mounts and cabinet mounts as well.  These tend to run in the $200 - $500 range, depending on the screen size.

Mounts are perfect for smaller areas, taking the television up and off surfaces and creating a more open look to the room.  One problem that does come up is how to hide wiring, DVD players and cable boxes.

Lift Top Cabinetry

Specialized cabinets rise to the occasion to tuck flat screens out of sight.  With entry level lift top cabinets running in the $2,000 range, you’ll pay big for an electric lift, but they’re perfect for dens pulling double duty and we love them for bedrooms as well. 

With various cabinetry options, from traditional dressers to Mission style bookcases, the flat panel can be hidden or displayed with a touch of a button.  What’s even better, the cabinets also offer additional storage for cable boxes, DVD’s and more, while keeping unsightly wires hidden away.

While not the most budget-friendly option, we hope to see prices continue to fall, as just a few years ago, lift top cabinets cost nearly double that of today’s options.  Considering that the old fashioned space hog TV armoires and entertainment centers easily cost $1,000 and more, we love this high tech helper.

Wall Cabinets

Furniture makers have risen to the challenge of getting rid of bulky entertainment centers and fitting the sleek flat panel into a smaller space.  Wall cabinets measuring under 18 inches in depth and with size specific flat panel openings also offer closed door storage and shelving.  Priced at just $300 and up, wall cabinets are a budget friendly, low profile flat screen display option.

The beauty of the flat screen television is that none of these display options is mandatory, flat screens are just as happy perched on regular furnishings, and a handsome console table can work well for this high tech wonder.