Garden Statues

Garden Centerpiece

Garden statues are becoming a common feature in many private landscapes and are becoming a striking addition to many home lawns. Garden statues, with their rich and long history of adding grace, humor, personality, and dimension to gardens throughout the centuries, are often the centerpiece of the entire garden, serving as a focal point for the rest of the garden décor. Made from stone, cement, or resin, garden statues come in myriads of shapes and sizes and reflect religious, spiritual, natural, and whimsical themes and ideas. For a garden accessory that is sure to be the star attraction, shop for your favorite garden statue.

Fantasy Garden Statues

Designed to bring an aura of fantasy to your outdoor spaces, fantasy garden statues feature mythical figures such as unicorns, mermaids, and wizards, heroic warriors, knights and gladiators, magical fairies, and Alice-in-Wonderland-type oversized mushrooms. Gnomes are an especially popular fantasy garden statue; considered guardian statues that chase away mischief-makers and spirits, the whole family will fall in love with these miniature-sized garden statues.

Religious/Spiritual Garden Statues

For a reflective garden, consider a garden statue with a religious, symbolic, or spiritual meaning. Statues of Buddha, saints, Biblical figures, and ancient mythical gods are common spiritual garden statues, some of which are original creations and some of which are replicas of real-life statues.

Religious garden statue favorites include St. Fiacre (the Patron Saint of gardeners with a love for all growing things), the Virgin Mary, the archangel St. Michael, and St. Joseph. Buddha fountain statues are popular, with a spout bringing forth a stream of water and adding an aura of tranquility and vitality to your garden.

Living Creature Garden Statues

Myriads of garden statues are representations of animals from small to large. Look for garden statues in the shape of turtles, rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, lions, giraffes, drinking elephants, and many more. In some cultures an animal-decorated totem pole replaces the traditional garden statue and is believed to reflect cultural values and serve as a family guardian.

Bird Baths

This most prevalent garden statue, featuring a basin with water (recycled by an internal pump), is meant to attract nature to your yard in the form of chirping birds and out-of-the-ordinary bird species. A favorite garden accessory for all nature lovers, children, adults, and guests alike will enjoy the sights and sounds of playful birds fluffing their feathers, splashing around, and spraying water your way.

Fountain Garden Statues

To benefit from the soothing sound of running water and for a genuine back-to-nature feel on your landscape, decorate with a fountain statue. A simple pump recycles the water, which is drawn up through the statue; the water stream is typically released from a jug, water pitcher, mouth, or a certain male body part... Popular fountain garden statues include cherubs pouring water, water nymphs, dragons, and more.

Stone vs. Resin Garden Statues

Garden statues made from stone are top of the line, holding up well in all weather conditions and lasting a lifetime. Resin statues are growing in popularity, however, as they are made from a synthetic polymer called "cast stone," which is lighter in weight than real stone and which can be treated to appear like the real deal. Resin garden statues come in all shapes and sizes, from life-size figures to little figurines, and many craft stores sell paint-it-yourself resin outdoor statues along with booklets on painting tips and techniques.