High-Tech Kitchen Design

If you have a passion for high-end home décor and for the latest in advanced technology, you won't want miss this update on the most contemporary and futuristic trends in kitchen design.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Designs

More and more homeowners are "going green" by investing in appliances that save energy, money, and the environment. Some popular eco-friendly kitchen choices include energy-efficient dishwashers, fluorescent light bulbs and low-voltage lighting fixtures, skylights that maximize natural sunlight, and environmentally friendly floors made from reclaimed wood and tiles. For a truly earthy yet edgy look, designer Ann Sacks offers rugged tiles made from rescued river rocks.

High-Tech Kitchen Accessories

Nothing says contemporary and cutting edge more than modern kitchens outfitted with the latest high-tech appliances and up-to-the minute gadgets. As modern kitchen designers try to outdo each other with the most innovative and advanced kitchen design ideas, keep an eye out for these hi-tech and futuristic kitchen features:

•- Computerized/programmable stove, oven, and refrigerator

•- Built-in dishwasher, microwave, and popcorn maker

•- Built-in teriyaki grill

•- Professional ice machine

•- High-end coffee/cappuccino maker

•- Wine cooler

•- Door-to-floor spice rack

•- Handy knife rack

•- Eight-range stove with convection oven

•- Multiple storage shelves/cabinets

•- Extra sink and a spray nozzle faucet

•- Sub-zero refrigerator

•- Modern lighting fixtures

•- Kitchen computer

•- Corner/cubby where portable devices can be charged

Spacious Kitchen Design

Wide-open, spacious, and well-lit kitchens are the hallmark of modern-day kitchen designs. Look for skylights, exposed shelves without doors to visually enlarge the room space, a minimalist design free of adornments and embellishments, and an emphasis on functional space enhancement, including built-in appliances and countertops that double as work and eating areas.

Modern Kitchen Décor

Clean, sleek, geometric lines are all the rage in kitchens today. The most up-to-date kitchens feature clean walls and clutter-free counters free of appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves, which are either built in or that blend into the kitchen's color and decorative scheme. Knick knacks are out; however cutting-edge cupboard that serve as the focal point of the room are in. Look for cabinets made from materials such as shiny stainless steel, sparkling glass panels or tiles, natural wood, and lacquer finishes.

Futuristic Kitchen Furniture

Futuristic kitchens become a room not just for cooking but for living. Look for unique furnishing touches such as: plush sofas, a designated "coffee corner," funky furniture held up by a single leg, bamboo room separators, breakfast bars complete with bar-counter and stools (replacing traditional kitchen table/chairs), stackable storage units, a computer workstation, shelving with lights, tile art, and more.

So set your sights on the future as you design your modern-day kitchen. Hopefully you will enjoy your high-function, high-fashion, high-end kitchen for many years to come!