Kitchen Wall Solutions

While space is usually at a premium in the kitchen, all too often, walls are left bare, unused and lonely.  Don’t let them remain neglected, put them to good use!


You can never have enough cabinet space, so free some up.  Add decorative shelving to walls and take your better looking dishes out of the dark and into your décor.  If you have mixing bowls that are nice looking, or even copper pots that deserve display, take them out of the cabinet and put something ugly that stays out in the open in there, like the can opener.

Pot Hooks

Consider hanging your pots and pans on the wall if they’re attractive, such as copper or enamel, hopefully your bare wall is within easy reach of the stove to make them easily accessible.  I’ve also seen an upside down wrought iron window box to hang pots and pans on, it was a great look, particularly with the black wrought and shiny copper pans that were used.


Make that bare wall an accent wall.  Since it’s already bare, think of painting it a different color to add a splash of unexpected color to the room.  Decorate it with a collection of antique plates, vintage advertising or even vintage baskets for an unexpected twist in kitchen décor.


If your bare wall is one that leads to the great outdoors, it is possible to add another window?  There’s nothing like more natural lighting and a window to make a room look larger.  If you can’t add a real window, add a fake one.  Find an old window and get rid of the glass and use it as frames, or even make it into a useful bulletin board.


Installing a wire grid with plenty of hooks can lead to a whole new area of storage.  Make sure you throw in some decorative items such as potholders or kitchen towels to soften the look and make it attractive – even some vintage kitchen accessories can breathe new life into a plain wall.

Plate Shelf

Add a divided plate shelf to hold dinner plates, even salad plates, both which can be space hogs in the cabinet.  They not only look nice, but keep your plates from getting chipped and scratched.


If you’re short on cabinet space, add one – it doesn’t have to match, it doesn’t even need doors.  Consider an open wall cabinet, decorative baskets can add storage space for linens and smaller items and better dishes look better out in the open, freeing up cabinet space for the ugly dishes.

Make good use of each area of the kitchen.   Corners, bare walls and on top of cabinets can open up a whole range of new storage and decorating possibilities.