Check Out the Den Turned English Libary

I’m not big on theme decorating, it can make a room look overdone and too much of a theme neutralizes the effect and actually lessens the impact.  One of the exceptions to this is an English library themed room.

Not sure what to do with your den, try decorating your den as an English library by checking out these tips.

  • Deep wall colors are perfect for the English library – your color palette is going to be taken straight from nature.  The hot color of the year is a moss green, and this may be just the room in which to try it.  Avoid its cousin, the brighter forest green – it’s a nightmare to work with if you’re not the best painter in the world.  You’ll also need multiple coats for a full, even finish, so if you’re decorating a den on a budget, tone it down and save some money. The coverage and finish has to be perfect for a forest green to work, the moss color is much easier on the eyes and will not close in the room as much.  
  • Bookcases, of course, are going to be part of your theme.   Dark rich woods complement the English décor perfectly, but tend to be more expensive.  You can cheat and use a dark wood stain to simulate a fine mahogany.  Try a ready to finish furniture store – the shape and form are going to dictate the purchase, as the color is just a can of stain away.  
  • Of course, you need books for your bookcases and they can cost as much as the bookcase.  Try a used bookstore or an auction to fill your bookcases.  Leatherbound classics would be quite nice, but not for your budget.  Try older books with decorated ‘board’ bindings for the vintage look.
  • A comfy couch is key to your look.  If you have a couch you can move to this room, use a deep-colored, bold, floral slipcover rather than having it reupholstered, which can cost as much as a new couch.  Leather sofas are perfect for the English library as well.  Avoid white or light colors which will clash with the room.
  • Lighting is an essential element in your library.  Make sure there is plenty of task lighting, floor lamps and table lamps, for your reading pleasure.  Again, vintage is a good choice for the look and your wallet.
  • Now for the accessories – plants and flowers pack a punch in this look.  Use them liberally.  Use accessories that bring out an accent color in your room, antiques and vintage accessories work well in this theme.  Throw pillow work wonders for adding bright spots.

Your English library doesn’t have to be a dark, dreary room like the older Victorian rooms you may find in books – use accent colors, furnishings and lighting to make it a warm inviting room where you can relax and read a good book.