Stained Glass

Have you ever considered stained glass for your home? Most people associate stained glass with Church or Temple, but colored glass has been used in the home since the time of the Romans.

When you think of stained glass in the home today, Tiffany lamps usually come to mind. But did you know that colored stained glass door panels were also very popular in the Edwardian era? While today's security issues mean special precautions if you want stained glass for front doors, stained glass for interior panels and doors are less problematic and are a great feature.


Having a stained glass window instead of curtains or blinds in your bathroom makes a wonderful choice especially as you don't have to worry about all that steam wrecking the fabric! Stained glass will enhance an otherwise unprepossessing outlook while maintaining your privacy. Glass comes in an amazing variety of colors, beveled and even frosted patterns so people won't see you in your birthday suit. Stained glass can really beautify your bathroom. Choose a water theme or create a view of your favorite place so you can meditate while you are in the tub. Make the window a real feature of the bathroom and give your home a touch of luxury that you can design or even possibly make yourself.


Stained glass is also a great idea for those long, odd shaped, or hard to clean windows on staircases. Instead of having an awkward window looking over the garbage you can have a beautiful feature that will enhance the whole feel of your house.


If you have transoms above your doors or windows you might consider using stained glass in interesting patterns or pictures to liven up your space. I once saw a quirky piano keyboard stained glass design set in a transom over the entrance of a Jazz Café. It was very attractive and really illustrated the theme of the café.

Transfers And Overlays

As well as real stained glass it is possible to buy stick-on colored film transfers for your windows. This way, if you are unsure whether you will really like your window design, you can live with it for a while before committing it to glass. Manufacturers also offer stained glass overlays which are attached to clear tempered glass with lead. However if there is not much difference in the price, which is often the case, why not go for the real thing?


A wide variety of suncatchers and window hanging designs are available. They catch the light, casting rainbows of color on your walls and beautify your window. They are an easy and inexpensive way to try out stained glass.

How To Buy

Most stained glass manufacturing companies are available over the internet and offer excellent service and design skills. If they are American based, you can normally be assured of the quality. Some companies import stained glass windows from India and China so there can sometimes be problems with the quality of the work or the shipping. Really good quality stained glass can last for a hundred years or more, so it is usually worth paying a bit extra and have something to hand on to the grandchildren.

If you want some more economical options why not find a stained glass artist in your local craft market, or even a student working in glass at the art college. Another possibility if you are on a tight budget is to take a course in stained glass and make a window yourself!

Think - light, think - stained glass!