The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows in a room are just like earrings to an outfit – the right earrings can make or break your outfit and you can look naked without them.  Same thing with throw pillows – using the right ones can make or break your room, and it can look naked without them.

Use these do’s and don’ts for choosing and decorating with throw pillows – they may freshen up the look enough that you don’t need to plan a complete makeover for your room:

Do:  Use throw pillows on each seating space of couch.
Don’t:  Use one lonely little pillow in the corner of your couch.

Do:  Have only one or two small groupings of throw pillows in more modern, clean rooms.
Don’t:  Use too many  pillows and clutter up a more modern décor.

Do:  Use more throw pillows for elegant and traditional decors, particularly for the shabby-chic look and cottage style
Don”t :  Scatter one throw pillow on each seating area in a more traditional rooms.

Do:  Use different sized throw pillows when creating a grouping.
Don’t:  Hide smaller throw pillows behind same size or larger ones.

Do:  Use patterned throw pillows on solid color chairs and sofas.
Don’t:  Be afraid to mix it up and add contrast when using throw pillows for decorating.

Do:  Measure the height from the seating area to the top of the couch to help you pick the right size the seating area.
Don’t:  Think you can eyeball a throw pillow in a store and pick out the right size.

Do:  Arrange throw pillows in groups of three’s or five’s in more formal settings.
Don’t:  Think you have to have matching throw pillows in these groupings.

Do:  Try a throw draped over the corner of your chair or couch with your throw pillow.
Don’t:  Just try any old throw, use one that brings out your favorite accent color in the pillow.

One last ’do’ – try throw pillows in the bedroom as well.  The layered look on the bed will make it look so inviting and comfy after a long day.  To use the layered look use three to four pillows for a layer on the bed:

Layer 1:  The Euro layer – the back layer should be a large square pillow – usually over 24 inches square against the wall or headboard.  Use two or three European pillows for queen beds, four for king sized beds.

Layer 2:  Regular bed pillows, just your standard 18 x 24 inch bed pillow against the Euro layer.

Layer 3:  Now we get to the fun stuff – the third layer is your decorative pillows and while your first two layers are usually more neutral or matching, this layer can be bring in an accent color or even introduce a new pattern.

Layer 4:  this is the optional final layer and depends on your taste – it can add extra impact to your third layer.  It’s usually a smaller lumbar or bolster pillow and the round shapes add visual interest to your pillow group.