Vintage Kitchens

Vintage Kitchens with Modern Budgets

Love the kitchen in This Old House but hate the thought up spending tens of thousands of dollars?  Slip in vintage and antique pieces to warm up your kitchen and cool off your credit card statements.

Farmhouse sinks – they’re stunning, they’re cool and they’re cheap.  Kohler makes a gorgeous farmhouse sink, but for the real deal – go straight to the source.  Check Ebay – search farmhouse sink.  You’ll get plenty of hits – some new sinks, some antiques.  I just found one in perfect condition for $250.  Try to find one located in your area – they’re made of porcelain over cast iron and shipping can double your cost.

Glass backsplashes – Love the look – particularly paired with the farmhouse sink.  Use small glass tiles to create a backsplash, and a statement.  At under $10 per square foot, small glass tiles to create a backsplash packs a punch in your kitchen.  Bring in a period color scheme to really lend to the vintage look - aqua for the fifties theme is perfect.

Period lighting – a few vintage hanging light fixtures in the kitchen can go a long way towards the vintage look.  Real lighting fixtures from the early 19th Century are available on the second hand market – just make sure you have them rewired for safety.  Actual kitchen lighting would have been nickel plated fixtures with simple shades.  With that type of simplicity, they can fit it any décor.  Fancy, antique chandeliers belong in the dining room, not the kitchen.

Hoosier cabinets - originally meant to be a complete food prep center in the good, old days, with canisters, built in flour sifters, a pull out work surface and storage areas.  Sounds like something that just may work for you today, doesn’t it?  Available for well under $1,000, some as little as under $500.

Kitchen collectibles - put modern accessories to shame, great for décor and conversation starters.  Display a collection of antique kitchen equipment, we love grinders in the kitchen where they belong, especially antique coffee grinders with the warm wood bases.

Have a more modern, simplistic kitchen – don’t be left out in the cold, Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern can slip right in to the mix.

  • Enameled topped tables with chrome legs from the 1950’s work right in to a modern look.  The vinyl covered counter stools from the old ice cream parlors are perfect for cozying up to the kitchen island.
  • Stainless steel canister sets that stacked were all the rage in the 60’s – nice look, nice space saver.
  • Chrome Art Deco accessories lend to the look of modern kitchens and pull off the transition with style.

Warm up the kitchen with a few period pieces in the mix, but when slipping in those vintage pieces, just promise one thing – no avocado green appliances!