Reflections On Mirrors

If you think of a mirror as something that allows you to check for telltale signs of errant lipstick on your teeth, think again. Mirrors serve much more than practical purposes. They double as art for the way they frame objects from different angles and because they come in so many shapes and sizes.

Historical Provenance

In terms of how you might choose to use mirrors, the sky's the limit. You can find mirrors in all prices ranges and in every style. You can splurge on antique mirrors that come with a rich historical provenance, or you can liven up a space by playing around with small mirrored tiles to get a sparkling wall design with wow factor.

Can't find a framed mirror you love? No problem. Go for a picture frame you love, instead. Try looking in frame stores and at garage sales. Once you have the frame, you can take it to be fitted with a mirror. You can have the mirror of your dreams with that much ease.

Much Beloved

Mirrors are a much beloved design accessory because they can emphasize the beauty of particular areas of a room, or magnify the impact of beautiful objets d'art. Give the entire room an extra bit of punch by placing a mirror over the fireplace mantel where it will reflect the lovely furnishings of the space in question. But be careful to angle the mirror over a mantelpiece downward so it shows your room and not your ceiling.

Mirrors have a neutral quality. That means you can use them over and over again, trying them in different spaces to change the look of an area within your home. Experiment is a good thing when it comes to mirror placement. Using mirrors this way is a little like being a photographer looking at the same subject from different angles to give varied, but sometimes equally pleasing effects.

Don't limit yourself to framed mirrors. Mirrored pieces can stand in for the framed variety in interesting ways.

Mirrors can even dress up a dinner table. You can use framed mirrors as trays. Bring out your crystal whiskey decanter and shot glasses on a mirrored tray and wait for the gasps at the unexpected beauty of sparkling crystal resting on a reflective tray. Or serve little fruit tarts surrounded by tea lights on a mirrored tray.

Looking to add some sophistication to a room? Buy a regency mirror. These mirrors are large and look great when you stand them on the floor to lean against the wall. Or you can hang them over your sofa or the buffet where they will give a majestic feeling to the space.