Five Crafty Bathroom Updates

Decorating any room on a budget can lead to a burst of creativity you haven’t felt since kindergarten art class.  Try any or all projects to add custom touches to bathrooms.

Designer Accessories

There are plenty of matching bathroom accessories available in nice neat little sets, but they can cost a fortune.  Try making your own.  There’s a handy, dandy little craft product called Mod Podge that costs under $5.00.  It’s a clear glue that you use not only to attach, but to coat and protect.  It’s used for decoupage projects and is the perfect way to cover wastebaskets, tissue holders and plain boxes with leftover fabrics. 

For a wastebasket, use an old, plain metal bucket, cover  the exterior with Mod Podge, apply fabric, smoothing and pulling into place.  Brush Mod Podge over the surface and there you have your custom designed wastebasket for just a few dollars.  Wallpaper works just as well.  The possibilities are endless with this product!

Storage Shower Curtains

Purchase two plastic shower liners, either clear, white or any color under the sun.  Cut one up and use it to attach to the main liner to make pockets to hold every little thing in your shower.  Make one for your pumice stone, one for the razor and those other little things that are constantly falling off the shower shelf and making you risk life and limb to retrieve them – especially the darn soap. 

Make little holes in the bottom of the interior portion of the pocket so water can drain out.  Try different colors of liners for a cool patchwork affect.

Toilet Paper Holders

Two pound metal coffee cans are the perfect size to hide toilet paper.  Stack two or three together, cutting the bases out of the top cans to hold multiple rolls.  Cover with wallpaper, fabric or even contact paper and use the Mod Podge to attach and coat. 

Decorate the lid as well.  It’s perfect to put in a corner to keep the t.p. handy but not out in plain sight.

Fabric & Ribbon Baskets

I purchased a fabric lined basket recently and paid nearly $20 for it!  I was kicking myself when I realized what an easy DIY project it would be.  It’s just a matter of lining the basket with leftover material, it can even overlap the rim and be glued into place.  Ribbon can be used either woven into the basket or attached around the rim.


To dress up a boring bathroom mirror, either a recessed medicine cabinet or a wall mirror, stencil a frame around it.  Use florals for a perky look, scrolls for a more elegant look and lettering or shapes for more modern appeal.