Landscaping costs can be daunting when you’re trying to improve the curb appeal of your home.  You don’t need to hire a professional to redo your front and back yard when you decide to improve your landscaping.  This can be a fun DIY project for spring weekends, and you can do it for much less than you think.

Check out the following tips for landscaping on a budget – you don’t have to try them all, but trying one or two will be sure to save you some time and money:

  • Take note of the landscaping and gardens of neighbors, friends and family. This will give you some good ideas of things that can be used in your own yard. While they are showing you their yards and gardens, ask them if you could have some cuttings from their plants – most are quite willing to do this for you.
  • Learn to propagate – sorry, it’s not as exciting as it sounds.  Instead of spending $3 - $8 EACH for your plants at the local big box store or nursery, learn to grow your own.  It will literally save you hundreds of dollars when you’re planning a budget landscaping project.  There are three main ways to propagate plants:

Seed Propagation
Propagation by seed is the most popular method of producing new plants. Common annual flowers are grown easily from seed and flower within the first year.  Perennials grown from seed may take more than one season to flower.

Cutting is the process of removing a small portion of a growing plant and treating it so roots are developed. The cutting is transplanted and will eventually produce its own blooms. Cuttings are usually made from part of the stem, leaves, or roots.

Dividing clumps is one of the simplest methods of propagation, and its beneficial for the divided plants. Many perennials deteriorate if left in clumps for too long. Dividing them ensures continuous health and growth. The plants are carefully removed from the soil in clumps, and divided simply by cutting them or pulling them apart and planting them separately.

  • Buy your gravel or landscaping stones from a local supplier – often they have leftovers from jobs that they are happy to get rid of – let them know what you are looking for and ask them to call you if they come up with any extra in your style.
  • Check with your local landfill or lcoal government to see if they have a free mulch or compost site. Many towns have these  - that’s what they do with the tree limbs and yard waste that they pick up - and they are glad to get rid of it.
  • Instead of buying weed killer and weed block tarps, lay old newspapers on the ground, several layers thick. Make sure that you cover the newspapers right away with mulch or landscaping rock, so they don't blow away.
  • Check out garage sales for gardening tools, landscaping edging, plants, etc.
Try a landscaping makeover for your yard in a step-by-step approach – make a plan, stick with it and save some money while increasing your home's curb appeal.