Kitchen Islands

What’s the best instant makeover for a kitchen lacking in counter space, storage, an eating area or food prep area?  The kitchen island is ready, willing and able to take on the task without having to take on a complete kitchen remodel.  Nearly one half of homes being built or remodeled have an island for the kitchen.   Is your home a candidate for this instant makeover?

  • If your kitchen’s work area in an L shape, U shape, or G shape, they tend to work best for a kitchen island addition.
  • A kitchen needs to be at least 100 square feet to fit an island.
  • Make sure you have enough space all around the island so it doesn’t block the flow of the room, minimum passage requirements in a kitchen are 36 to 42 inches to avoid that ‘let me just squeeze past you ’ syndrome.
  • Kitchen island countertops don’t necessarily have to match your current countertops, just complement them, same for the cabinetry.  If you’re looking to highlight the extra counter space the island is provided, using the same countertop may fool the eye, or a potential home buyer.
  • For smaller kitchens, an island with an open base keeps it from making the room look too crowded, don’t let the lower area go to waste, add options for storage such as wine racks and wine glass holders, or a lower shelf for storage and accessories.
  • Butcher block tables can be used in smaller kitchens to add a prep surface – they have a great look and open base – but make sure you clean the surface properly.

Think outside the box for creative kitchen island alternatives, there are antiques just begging to be converted to islands, consider:

  • Old country store display counters and cabinets;
  • Large farm tables; and even
  • Large old industrial tables have been put to good use in the kitchen.

Don’t forget to use accent lighting to show off your new addition – a pendant light or chandelier, or better yet, a pair, over an island can put the spotlight on the new kitchen favorite.

Your island is going to instantly become the focal point and hub of the kitchen since it’s the most appealing piece of furniture in the room.  So choose your island to take on the task of being the center of attention.