We can never have too much of it, that’s for sure.  The only way you can de-clutter your home is to keep finding new and innovative ways to store your stuff.   Moving into a Victorian home, we’ve had to find budget storage solutions, there were no closets in the bedrooms nor cabinets in the bathroom.

When planning to redecorate your bedroom, living room, family room or kitchen, storage needs to be factored in to your plan.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to stash your stuff, you can do an easy budget makeover and work in storage solutions as well.  Keep these storage solutions in mind when planning your next decorating project.


Invest in an armoire, one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. There are plenty of inexpensive armoires in the secondhand market.  An antique armoire adds both warmth and storage to a bedroom.  Available in a range of styles and sizes, armoires typically feature large drawers for stowing sweaters, linens and blankets, plus clothing rods to add closet space.


We have absolutely no storage space in our master bathroom.  There’s one small medicine cabinet and that’s it.  We needed a place for towels and came up with a large antique basket where we can keep our folded towels out in the open.  It’s really a cute look, except we had to buy new matching towels to use. A basket can be a great decorating accent as well, the only drawback is it doesn’t hide the clutter completely; it just masks it a bit.

Storage Benches

The storage bench comes in so many styles, you can fit one in any room.  Use a storage bench at the end of the bed – top with a pretty cushion to soften the look and fit it into your décor.  Try one in the family room, not only do they add seating, but they/’re the perfect hiding spot for board games.`


There are some snazzy storage ottomans available to use in the family room.  Not only does it add an extra seat to the room, but for an emergency cleaning, you can scoop up everything in sight and just toss it in.  


I love antique dressers, not only in the bedroom, but try one in another room.  We have a beautiful antique mahogany dresser in the living room.  Along with adding a warm feel to the room, it hides our DVDs, books and games.   Sideboards are basically large dressers for the dining room.  They were used back in the good , old days to hold the table linens, silver and serving pieces, so they have a ton of storage space – usually a row of drawers and cabinets along the bottom.

When planning to redecorate any room in your home, keep in mind you’ll need a place to stash your stuff.  Think outside the plain old toy box and come up with creative, multi-tasking budget storage solutions.