Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

There are a multitude of space savers and storage solutions for kitchen cabinets.  There are several quick, inexpensive ways of making the most of what you have without having to do a kitchen makeover.  Some of our favorites:

Ziploc Bags

This is our all time favorite budget storage fix.  It doesn’t get any more budget than a few pennies per bag, and they’re reusable!  Any food product stored in cardboard becomes a target for pantry moths.  If you’ve ever had to store dog food or bird food, you’ve had to deal with these pesky critters.  They’re harmless, but horribly annoying.  They usually are brought in through pet food products, and they’re difficult to get rid of (try a fly strip over the bird cage). 

One way to address the problem is to store your bird food in a large Ziploc bag in the freezer.  The moths don’t go upstairs to the closet to eat clothing like regular moths, but they love cardboard and paper, so we started using large, sturdy Ziploc bags to store flour and sugar.  Well, sure enough, I noticed how flexible those baggies were in the cabinets, and use them to store everything from packets of gravy mix to packets of sugar substitute.

Pull Out Tables

The pull out tables bring a few extra square feet of work surface to the kitchen and can be installed in place of a drawer or in between two cabinets. The pull-out table system comes with a tabletop, telescopic glides and a front panel, and can work with your cabinetry drawer front.   They’re ready to be put to heavy duty use, and can handle loads up to 200 pounds – pretty impressive for under $350.

Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Holders

Mount on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door and  lose as little as 3 ¼ inches in depth. Clear acrylic, so you see through to your spices, take back your jumbled spice shelf and get this door mounted wonder for under $100.

Sink Front Trays

Hate the clutter around your sink?  Sponges, scouring pads and hand soap can be tucked away in a custom sink front tray.  For under $50, turn that fake sink front into a usable storage area to clear clutter from the sink area.

Maximize the efficiency of your kitchen without a kitchen makeover to increase your cabinet space, you may just need a few helpers to get you on your way to organization.