Choosing Space Saving Ladders

Folding ladders can be excellent space savers in small homes. There are plenty of sizes and shapes to choose from, from the standard sliding aluminium ladder to timber folding ladders and concertinas. Make sure you collect the necessary measurements and assess how often you will use your ladder. These ladders should only be used to access loft spaces. If you want to get to a habitable room, then a fixed ladder must be fitted that is in accordance with building regulations. 

The Concertina Ladder

The concertina shape requires the least space and is perfect if you have small landing space requirements. However, it's best not to go cheap when buying a concertina ladder because they can be difficult to install and use. The ladders require a lot of engineering so choose something of industrial quality that will last and function to a high specification.

The Telescopic Ladder

These ladders have the same space saving qualities as the concertina but this is combined with a minimalist design aesthetic. They are sometimes described as the perfect balance of form and function because they look great and can fit into tight spaces, whilst still coming in at a reasonable price.

The Timber Sliding Ladder

Timber sliding ladders are quiet and feel very solid. They have spring actions so opening and closing is smooth and controlled. These are more expensive but you're paying for quality and they are suitable for regular use. Coming in a selection of finishes and types of timber, they usually look very stylish and have deeper tread dimensions so you can safely and comfortably carry boxes into the attic.

The Folding Ladder

This ladder folds into two or three sections that stack up on the loft hatch when fully closed. You can choose from timber and aluminium designs, although timber usually proves more popular as they are quieter and easier to operate. Most timber folding ladders come with frames and loft hatches in a range of sizes.

Aluminium ladders are less attractive to some users because they can bend or flex when they are stepped on. However, stand-alone aluminium ladders can be safely stored in utility rooms or garages and used for a range of domestic chores around the house and garden. If you don't use your loft space regularly, it can be more useful to purchase a ladder that can be utilized for other purposes. Domestic ladders usually extend between three and nine metres and should have non-slip feet and treads for added safety.