Budget Laundry Storage

How can such a small room become such a big mess?  Your laundry room just seems to attract clutter like a magnet.  It’s the perfect place to hide junk when a quick, emergency cleaning is in order.  How can you make your laundry room become a storage solution rather than a storage setback?


Any type of storage on wheels is a helpful solution, and a slender rack that rolls into that wasted space between the washer and dryer is the perfect solution to previously wasted space.  Fitting into just an 8 inch space, the cart rolls right in and out to hold detergent, dryer sheets and fabric softener.  For just under $20, well worth the money to get that detergent off the dryer where it always seems to drip and stick and make a mess.


If you don’t have the space to spare between the washer and dryer, look up.  What do you see above the washer and dryer?  Nothing but wall space?  If so, that’s wasted space that can be put to good use.  Wire shelving is nice and affordable for the laundry room, and for under $10 a piece, can add several square feet of storage space.


If you don’t like the look of wire shelving, class it up with chic baskets in bright colors.  Available at any store such as Target, Walmart or Kmart for under $8 – there’s a lot of room in those baskets to hold a multitude of little things that seem to accumulate in the laundry room.

Ironing Boards

I can’t tell you how many times the ironing board leaning against the wall in the laundry room gets knocked over.  Well, it was one too many times for me, so I spent $7 on an ironing board and iron holder and got it off the floor and on the wall.  Not only is it up and out of the way, but now I take the time to put it up there instead of leaving it standing for weeks at a time.  Now if I could just stop that horrible screeching sound it makes when it’s opened!

Antonius Storage Maximus

If looking for a total laundry room makeover, consider Ikea’s Antonius storage system.  With modular parts that fit together in any configuration that comes to mind – shelving, table surfaces, rolling wheels, drawers and fitted organizers - you name it and this system can have it.  Mix and match each piece which is sold separately and ranges in price from $3 - $30 per piece.

Turn your laundry room into an organized, storage friendly room that can help you clear clutter in an instant.