Small Medium & Large Storage Solutions

There are all shapes and sizes of stylish storage solutions that every packratting person should try to contain clutter.  Our favorite...

Small - Mason Jars

Mason jars cost less than $1 each, and antique mason jars even less.  They're the perfect storage solution for the little things that just won’t stop accumulating in drawers and desktop.  Mason jars tend to add charm to any area, they remind of us a simpler time when grandma canned her cukes for those killer sweet pickles. 

Use them for kitchen storage, they're just the right size for the cabinets, and are oh-so reusable.  I’ve tried every container in the kitchen to hold my coffee, I needed something airtight and to look decent on the counter.  The mason jar was the perfect fix.  Since it’s glass, it doesn’t seem to look like such a space hog.  If you want to get fancy, you can add a simple ribbon or pretty label to really get organized in style.

Medium - Hatboxes

Every antique shop has some, most auctions have a few and you can buy new reproduction boxes for under $15.  They hide a multitude of sins, especially in the closet. 

Use them for out of season undergarments, socks and stockings.  Try them for holding belts and all those other accessories that seem to find their way to the closet floor.  Stack them up if you have to, but use them to contain and declutter.

Large – Old Trunks

Do you realize how much junk can go in that trunk?  Women used to travel the world with all their necessities packed away in one, so you should be able to declutter at least one room with it.  Old trunks are still around and plentiful at auctions, flea markets, antique shops and consignment shops.  A good buy is finding one for under $50.  A good use is to see how much that darn thing can hold!

Use it for towels, sheets, extra pillows, blankets, out of season clothing, books – you name it and it can fit in the trunk.  Not only can you hide junk in the trunk, but you can then use it for a coffee table or even as a bench at the end of the bed.

As for extra large storage solutions, you’re talking entire rooms at this point, sheds and garages come into play, but then create little clutter issues of their own.