Space-saving Shelf Ideas

Homes big and small can no doubt benefit from the extra storage space that shelves provide but for smaller homes in particular, varying shelf styles can present a quirky design feature in many rooms. Shelves come in so many forms and quaint styles that they can almost pass for an ornament in themselves and can suit smaller homes down to a tee. Make the most of your small living space with these spacious shelf ideas.

Corner shelves

Fitting corner shelves can make fantastic use of an otherwise redundant space and can allow you to create a tidy and sophisticated look for less. Whether you go all out by utilising the full length of one wall top to bottom as a bookshelf or use a small corner in one room to create a three tier effect for use as a bathroom or kitchen tidy, corner shelves really allow you to be artistic with your space saving.

Floating shelves

Shelves without visible support brackets can give the graceful appearance of free-standing, ‘floating’ shelf units and give tight spaces a more open, minimalistic feel. Again, these shelf designs allow you to be very creative with your interior scheme and the overall presentation in your home. Cube and rectangle-shaped shelves for instance can create a focal point for ornaments or soft toys in a child’s bedroom while pyramid or flag-shaped shelves could be a great way to present family photographs in chronological sequence - and when designers can produce almost any floating shelf shape, you needn’t stop at the basics - let your quest for space bring personality into your home!

Shelved furniture

Nowadays, many types of furniture come with hidden storage solutions and shelving as part of their design and if there’s one thing a smaller home can use, it’s furniture with more than the one purpose. When your living space is slightly more confined, it’s best to only fill it with furniture with added functions and storage space rather than trendy yet bulky items. There’s no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds, however! Consider investing in a shelved coffee table or a small cube side unit to house books, remote controls and other knick knacks that aren’t in use.

Hopefully, these creative space saving shelves have left you inspired to crack on with some DIY shelving. If you do plan to put up some shelves yourself, always be sure to enlist the help of another and have some powerful tools at your disposal. Anglia Tool Centre houses an unbeatable online range of quality drills to suit every possible shelving need.