Wall Coverings

Walls make the biggest statement about the décor in your home. The colors and textures on your wall will set the tone for the rest of the design elements that make a house a home.  Don't limit yourself to wallpaper when exploring wall coverings, consider borders, wall decals, and wainscoting as well.  

While wallpaper fell out of favor for many years, probably because it was so horrible to remove when you wanted to get rid of it, the times they are-a-changing, and the wallcovering choices available to homeowners aren’t just for grandma’s kitchen anymore.

Take a look at these wall covering options and consider them when you plan your next redecorating project, there may be the perfect solution for your walls and your budget. 


Previously the most popular wallcovering available, the mention of wallpaper can make you cringe if you’ve ever redecorated and had to remove stubborn wallpaper.  It’s messy, time-consuming and frustrating.  But today’s wallpaper options include newer, strippable paper, that can be removed in sheets instead of scraped and steamed, so it’s not as permanent and challenging as it once was.

Make sure you choose a strippable wallpaper that can easily be removed without water or chemicals. Simply start at a corner of the paper and gently pull it away from the wall.   Peelable wallpaper is removed in a similar fashion to strippable paper. Usually, a thin layer of paper stays on the wall, but it can be removed with soap and water.

Don't limit your choices in wallpaper, there are fabrics, damasks and natural fiber wallpapers that add texture and warmth to a room.  If you think wallpaper may overwhelm a smaller area, patterns are avaiable that have much more subtle tones and textures than just your bright floral prints or stripes you may be used to seeing. 


Scared to take the big step to wallpaper the whole room?  Try a border instead.  Like wallpaper, make sure it is peelable or strippable so it can be removed if you change your décor.  It’s also easier to install on your own and much less expensive than wallpapering the whole room.   Installing a wallpaper border is an interior design secret that can make a room look more finished and polished.

Wall Decals

If you think borders are fun to work with and easy to install, wait until you try a wall decal!  Talk about a budget makeover trick….If you don’t have the time nor the money to perk up plain, painted walls, or you’re in a rental apartment, wall decals may just be the answer.  A newer trend in wall covers, wall decals are completely removable, can be installed in seconds and can be repositioned on a whim.  


Wainscoting is an inexpensive and elegant way to warm up your room.  Usually reserved for older, period homes, wainscoting was a wood covering on the lower portion of the wall that served to prevent moisture damage.  Recently wainscoting has been the hottest trend in wallcoverings in the form of beadboard.  Beadboard is the perfect way to bring a cottage style into a room and a must-have for the seaside retreat style. 

So whether you're going for a complete room makeover or just adding a splash of color, there's a wall covering to suit your style and budget.