Wallpaper Border Patrol

You would think hanging a simple wallpaper border would be the easiest project in the world – everyone claims is it.  It’s not as easy as it looks – but it can be. 

Review the following wallpaper border tips to make this project as easy as everyone thinks it is…

Prepasted Borders

You would think if a border is prepasted, you can just wet it and slap it up on the wall, right?  Wrong!  Many times there is not enough paste on the backing to make the border stick properly.  While wetting the border activates the paste to make it stick, you may need to give that border a helping hand.  There are wallpaper paste products that are used specifically with prepasted wall covering products.  So why make them prepasted in the first place? 

For borders, there is a product sold in almost any hardware store for under $10 that has a roller on the end and has paste that can be squeezed out onto the roller.  The roller is just the right size for using with a border.

Another tip:  don’t let your border stay in the water for longer than 10 seconds or it will actually wash some of the paste off!

Seams and Edges

You can use all the paste in the world and you’re still going to have the odd corner or edge that just will not stick.  There’s a little tube of edge paste by Zinnser that’s available specifically for seams and edges. 

It also helps to have a small object on hand to apply this paste or extra regular paste to those little corners or edges.    I used the end of a metal nail file, as that’s all I could find at the time.  It worked perfectly, but make sure the sharp end doesn’t puncture your border.

Stay Up There – Darn It!

Your goal is to have as few seams as possible, so the more you hang at one time, the better.  Easier said than done! 

How many spouses run and hide when they see wallpaper or decorating projects?  If you’re on your own on this one, keep some thumbtacks on hand.  Fine ones with the absolute thinnest pins you can find to make the hole in the wall and in the paper as small as possible. 

Secure the top first corner with the thumbtack, put don’t put the tack too close to the corner or you’ll rip your paper.  That will keep it up while you’re trying to maneuver the rest of the strip into place.  It’s not as easy as it looks! 

Hanging wallpaper borders is a quick and easy budget decorating project, find a friend to help you – it will make it much quicker!