Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for rest and relaxation, but all too often it becomes one of the most neglected rooms when decorating.  I mean, how many people are going to see it anyway?  Well, you are, and that’s the most important person when it comes to decorating your bedroom.  This is the one room where it’s all about you, so enjoy it. 

But what’s the point of redecorating your bedroom if you’re going to stay up all night worrying about how to pay for it?   You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of decorating in the bedroom.


First on any budget decorating project is paint.  Are you a morning person or an evening person?  If you love the evenings when you can finally close yourself off from the world, try warm, relaxing colors.  Browns, blues and greens are known for their calming effects.  For tranquil settings you will want to choose a monochromatic, meaning different shades and tints of one color, scheme in quiet paler shades.

If you are a rise and shine morning person, you may prefer waking up to brighter, more cheerful colors – yellows will perk you right up.  But don’t go too bright, or you’ll feel like you’re trying to sleep in the middle of the day!   Try contrasting colors to liven up the space.


When decorating your bedroom, divide the colors in the space into components to balance the colors and give it a shot of interest as well - 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary color and 10 percent of an accent color. The wall color will end up being the dominant color, with the bedding and draperies making up the secondary color and accessories making up the accent color.  


Clean and de-clutter your bedroom.  I know, shopping and decorating are much more fun, but at some point, you’re going to have to take this step anyway, so you might as well get it out of the way so you can take stock of what you need to complete the look you want.


Rearrange your furniture.   You’d be surprised how much of a boost you can give your décor by just moving a few pieces around.  And for goodness sakes, yes, nearly everyone watches TV in bed, but you don’t have to advertise it.  Your bed will more than likely be the focal point of your bedroom, so if you must have a television in the bedroom, try to hide it or make it as unobtrusive as you can.

Invest in new bedding – sheets and a comforter or quilt to set the tone of your freshly painted room – don’t forget the accent color…Try some throw pillows to make the bed look even more inviting at the end of a long day.

With just a few purchases, you can turn your bedroom into the relaxing, inviting retreat that you deserve..