Attract Success With Feng Shui

Living in today's busy world, people have come to think of the bedroom as a place to wind down: a refuge from our stressful, worry-filled lives. Make your bedroom a haven by applying the principles of Feng Shui (pronounced "Fong Shway") to your décor. The ancient Chinese discipline is said to bring balance to the home and success and happiness to the people who live within.

Replenish Energy

Feng Shui can be used in the decor of any room, but is most effective when applied throughout your home. In the bedroom, Feng Shui offers a way to replenish depleted energy. Spending time in the Feng Shui-designed bedroom is refreshment for the soul.

Mapping out the Feng Shui bedroom couldn't be easier. In order to bring a sense of harmony, think of your bedroom in sections. Draw a square representing the room and divide it into nine equal squares.

The bottom of the square is the wall containing the main entrance to your bedroom. You can mark the lowest left-hand corner with the word "knowledge." The middle square is designated "career" while the final square in the bottom row is marked, "helpful people/travel." The first, bottom row of the square should now read: "Knowledge—Career—Helpful People/Travel."

Moving along with the center row, where the squares mark off the middle of your bedroom, the left hand square is marked "family/health," the center square is "Tao" meaning "center," and the center-right square is designated as "creativity/children." The center row should now look like this: "Family/Health—Tao—Creativity/Children."

The top and final row of your bedroom begins with "wealth" at the top left square, the center-top square is marked "fame/reputation," and the square at the far right reads, "relationships/romance." The top row should read, "Wealth—Fame/Reputation—Relationships/Romance."

Made Tangible

Now that you have a picture of how your room will be divided, you can accessorize these areas according to the principles they represent. In this manner, you attract qualities to their proper places within your bedroom and help make them tangible, as well.

*For the area designated as knowledge, you'll want to incorporate bookcases, books, diplomas, and writing utensils into your décor.

*Career can be represented by accessories that are linked with water, such as a fishbowl. You can also use mirrors in this space and pictures or photos that inspire you toward your goals.

*For helpful people/travel, decorate with photos of people in your life who are helpful to you.

*Family/Health can be shown by displaying heirlooms, family photos, and potted plants.

*Creativity/Children is a no-brainer. Lay out some art supplies and kiddie artwork (or an artist's palette and easel), and set up your personal computer in this area.

*For wealth, use symbols of bounty, fountains, jewelry, fish, items colored gold, purple, or red and money.

*Fame/Reputation is a good place for hanging awards or certificates, items colored orange, purple, or red, plants and candles.

*Relationships/Romance is the place for photos of loved ones, anything pink, paired items like candlesticks, and mirrors.