Teenage Bedroom Makeover

Time to Redesign

When your kid turns into a teenager, it may be time for a bedroom makeover! Since the bedroom is where teenagers typically study, sleep, laze about, hang out, freak out, make out, rock out, and prepare to bust out into the world of college or work, it's important that they have a living space which is both comfortable and inviting.

Since teenage years are also the time when teens redefine themselves and their sense of style, children's bedroom décor is often passé. Offering your teen the opportunity to redesign or to makeover their bedroom can help them shape their burgeoning personalities and may help you get to know your teen better! Decorating a teen's bedroom can be a gift, an incentive for better grades or conduct, a joint project or an independent teenager adventure, and moreover, the ultimate opportunity to make a far-out fashion statement.

Teenage Bedroom Furniture

A solid study desk (preferably one with drawers to hold office supplies and writing utensils, and/or cubbies to facilitate organization) and a supportive chair are key furniture items for a student bedroom. A comfortable bed, mattress, futon, or sofa bed are essential, and good lighting, windows for natural light, and proper ventilation will give any teenager's room top marks! For teenage girls a full-length mirror or dresser table mirror is a must, and both teenage boys and girls will enjoy a hanging closet to keep the wrinkles out of their winning wardrobes.

Teenage Bedroom Styles

Many teenagers opt to decorate their bedroom according to a theme. Some favorite teenager bedroom décor themes include: rock and roll theme, surfer boy/girl theme, gothic theme, Hollywood glamour theme, favorite rock star theme, favorite band theme, favorite actor theme, Hawaiian or tropical theme, vintage theme, groovy-hippie theme, contemporary New York theme, travel theme, and funky theme.

All elements of the room are designed to reflect the overriding theme, including furniture, wall art, color, sheets, pillows and pillow covers, bedspreads and quilts, as well as accessories like clocks, rugs, curtains, light switches, lamp shades, and more.

Alternatively, a single item can made the focal point of a room. For example, a funky style bed adorned with beads, tassels, shaggy pillows, psychedelic colors, and surrounded by disco drapes and shag rugs is sure to wow the eye of the beholders.

Teen Bedroom on a Budget

You don't have to worry about prices hitting ceiling when it comes to decorating a bedroom. Here are some down-to-earth ways to redesign a room on a budget:

•- Use low-cost accessories and accents - such as quirky lampshades, personalized welcome mats, unique area rugs and throw rugs, accent pillows, far-out mirrors and bold mirror frames, beanbag chairs, neon-colored bedding, wall art, clever clocks, phones with unique shapes and colors, and many more.

•- According to the interior decorating experts, painting is the cheapest and quickest way to give a room a makeover and give it a fresh, contemporary feeling.

•- Decorate the outside of the bedroom door with a name plate that reflects the teen bedroom's theme or the teenager's personality.

•- Instead of purchasing fancy art, adorn walls with pictures cut out from old calendars and magazines, memorable family photos, framed certificates, awards, or high-scoring school papers, or teenagers can stencil their favorite inspirational quote over their bed, desk, or on the bedroom door.