7 Little Luxuries in the Bedroom

Little things mean a lot, especially when it comes to interior design.  If your interior design scheme in the bedroom is all function and no fuss, consider adding a few touches of budget luxury to make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary.

1.  Big Beds on a Budget

If your bed is a simple mattress and boxspring on a metal frame, don’t despair, there are extenders to fit the base to make it higher.  Since the bed is normally the focal point of your room, play it up as best you can, the extenders can add up to 7 inches in height to the frame for under $50.  Not only are you making the bed bigger and bolder, you're adding some underbed storage space as well.  Make sure you have a nice long bedskirt to cover the hardware, skirts give a finished look to the bed and make it look nicer than metal and rollers.

2.  Duvets

Duvet covers slip right over comforters or down filled blankets and are less expensive than comforters and quilts.  They also give a fluffy, luxurious look to the bed that makes you want to sink right down into it at the end of the day.  Besides being machine washable, they're oh-so easy to change out for a new look for the bedroom.

3. Shams

Shams are pillow cases that open in the back and usually have decorative edges.  They bring a nice, comfortable look to the bed.  Shams often come with comforter sets, but are available in many colors and patterns.  If you plan on switching duvets and bedding to change the look of your bedroom, buy shams that match all duvets to avoid having to purchase separate sets, they can be pricey.

4. Tablecloths

One of the least expensive and luxurious looking nightstands you can purchase is a plain, wood round table with a glass top – they’re available for under $30 at Walmart and Target.  Find a lovely little tablecloth, even a piece of designer fabric to cover it, using the glass to protect the fabric.  You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in your room, particularly with just the right fabric for your décor and a complementing table lamp.

5. Bedding

There’s nothing like slipping into soft sheets on a bed for a feeling of luxury comfort.  Polyester and cotton blend sheets are usually the least expensive option, but have a rougher feel.  Consider investing in 100% cotton with a higher thread count, sateen sheets are cotton with a special luster and softness that wear as cotton but have a softer, silkier feel.  They also have a little more luster to them than plain cotton. 

6.  Plants

Plants and flowers can add a touch of luxury to any room, consider an African Violet for the nightstand, or a larger Christmas Cactus for the dresser.  It not only brightens the room, but it’s good Feng Shui practice as well!

7.  Area Rugs or Throw Rugs

Make sure your feet touch something soft and comforting when they hit the floor first thing in the morning.  It makes all the difference to starting the day off right.  Flokati rugs are long wool throw rugs that add texture to the room as well.  Faux fur can do the trick as well, but may be a little more expensive. Flokati rugs can be found for under $25.