Healthy House Plants

Not only are house plants a stylish budget accessory for any interior décor, but they also are a healthy addition to any room, as they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen while absorbing pollutants. 

Some pollutants in the home include chemical compounds that are being released into the air through off-gassing.  Many ordinary items in the home, including carpet and paint, release VOC’s, known as Volatile Organic Compounds.  House plants were found to help purify indoor air, and some of the best house plants for this are also easy to grow.

For decorating, along with air purification, it’s a good idea to have one houseplant for each 100 square feet of living space.  To choose plants, vigorous growers are the best air filters.  Plants that pull double duty as home accessories and air purifiers are:

Aloe Vera


Aloe was shown to be much more efficient at the removal of formaldehyde in indoor environments. Aloe is the perfect plant for the kitchen, as it has healing qualities, particularly for minor burns.


Ficus trees can become quite large, making them good choices for larger rooms with high ceilings such as the great room.  The ficus removes formaldehyde, which is present from carpet adhesives and some fibers, from indoor air, and is an easy care, large houseplant.  Once established it needs little upkeep, and only needs watering every few weeks.

Spider Plants

Spider plants not only look nice in containers, but also as hanging plants.  As the plants get older, they shoot out thin stems and small flowers and rosettes of leaves that look like dangling spiders.  Spider plants prefer bright, indirect light and require frequent watering while they’re in growing mode. 

In addition to looking good, they’re one of the top three houseplants for removing formaldehyde in indoor environments.

Gerbera Daisies

A bright, cheerful flowering plant, Gerberas prefer bright light and well-drained soil when they’re grown as houseplants.   They’re known to remove benzene, a carcinogen in the home.


Chrysanthemum has also been known to remove benzene, a carcinogen from the air.  Fall mums will not only look lovely in the home, but improve air quality.


Philodendrons are handsome house plants (although watch pets, as they are poisonous) and they remove higher concentrations of formaldehyde from the air.

Houseplants can not only help your décor and keep your decorating budget in line, but help your health as well.  While they purify air, they don’t help much in removing smoke or dust in the home environment, so you do still need to keep the house clean for total air health.