Decorating Your Rental Property

Selling your home is relatively easy in terms of decorating. Clean up, put things away behind cupboards; make sure everything is sparkling, and maybe take down the many photographs of you and your family to help new buyers see themselves in your home.

Renting out a property is similar, but at the same time much different. The people who rent your home will either be living with the decorating decisions you make, or they will be making their own.

The key thing here to note is that the better your place looks, the more people will be interested. If you live in the property (say it’s a basement apartment) who your tenants are is important! Having more options on who your future residents are will ensure that you have a pleasant experience renting your property out.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to be your own boss, consider joining a property management franchise. You are already used to structure, hard work and day-to-day challenges. It’s an ideal career for using your leadership skills, and a perfect ex-military career.

Whether you’re the renter or the landlord, here’s how you should decorate your rental property.

For Furnished Apartments and Homes

Furnished places are great for short-term tenants (those who will be there for a year or less). These tenants are the ones who are only in the area for a short period of time, typically for school or work. Purchasing or moving furniture to the property isn’t ideal for them, and so, most will want appliances built in.

When furnishing these kinds of properties, it’s important to know your property’s weaknesses and how to turn them into assets. It’s also important to think about how sturdy and reliable the furniture is. Invest at the start, and the furniture will survive tenant, after tenant, after tenant.

Tip: Don’t buy Ikea furniture and expect it to last very long or for it to look good down the line.

For Unfurnished Apartments and Homes

These apartments should look spotless every time you rent them out. These types of properties attract long-term tenants, so when you are finally renting them out again, there shouldn’t be any evidence of the previous tenant hanging around.

A fresh coat of paint on all the walls, clean floors (or even new flooring, depending on damage) and shiny new fixtures will make the place look and feel like new.

Having an open, clean space is appealing for those who are looking to rent for a couple of years. It shows them the possibilities of turning the house into a home, without the presence of past renters.

Renting homes is quickly becoming one of the best ways to make an income for yourself. Knowing how to decorate your rental property is key to bringing up the rent and bringing in the best tenants.

Simple things like a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your property, but new, matching appliances can bring up how much you can charge for rent.

Depending on how much you can increase your rent, you might even consider renovating your property. An extra bedroom or an updated bathroom can go a long way in increasing monthly rent and bringing in the best tenants for you.