Where Asbestos Can Be Found

The mention of asbestos will give any decorator or builder a fair amount of anxiety. Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate materials, which are commonly known by their colors.

Many residential and industrial buildings that were built before the year 2000 were built with asbestos due to the fact that it has some desirable features, but it was not public knowledge that inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious and even fatal illnesses that include lung cancer. It is now banned in many areas around the world and will need to be removed if found in any building due to the health concerns. So, where might you find asbestos in the home?

Ceiling Tiles

Thanks to its sound absorption, affordability, and strength, asbestos was often used for ceiling tiles when homes were built pre 2000. It was often used for Artex ceiling, and many houses from the 1970s and 80s had this type of ceiling.

It means that it is important that any homeowner with this type of ceiling knows how to remove it safely and that there are a few different options. It can be done by yourself, but this would be dangerous if it has bonded with asbestos, so it is best to use a contractor who is a member of the ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association).

Attic Insulation

One of the most common places that asbestos is found is in the attic. Due to its insulating properties, asbestos makes for excellent attic insulation, but it can also be highly dangerous. It can look like wool, so if your insulation has this appearance, then it is best to get it checked by a professional. Alternatively, vermiculite insulation looks like popcorn or small pebbles and should be removed by a professional as soon as possible.

Pipe Insulation

Asbestos is also resistant to fire, heat, and electricity, so it was often used for pipe insulation. If you have an older home with material wrapped around your pipes, then you should have it analyzed as soon as possible by a professional and avoid coming into contact. It is only when fibers are released that it becomes dangerous.

Roof Shingles/Tiles

Due to the strength, heat, and fire resistant properties, asbestos was often used for roofing in both industrial and residential properties by mixing it into concrete which was used for the shingles or tiles. In most cases, this is not an issue because the cement will keep the dangerous fibers in place, but it could be problematic if the tiles begin to deteriorate. It is important to keep this in mind if carrying out any work on the roof and it is worth keeping a close eye on the condition of the tiles.

These are the main areas that you might find asbestos in the home. It is important that you are aware of the dangers of this material and where it might be found before carrying out any decorating or construction. If you have any concerns, you should always call a professional who will be able to help you manage the situation safely.