Bathroom Accessories

20 Fun Ways to Save Money on Bathroom Accessories

An easy budget makeover that can freshen your bathroom with no fuss nor muss is updating those bathroom accessories.  You don’t have to spend a fortune buying a matching set to give your bathroom a new lease on life.  Try using different and creative bathroom accessories and save money doing it.

  1. Use the unexpected - an antique glass for a tumbler instead of matching pottery piece.
  2. Glass apothecary jars are a nice look and perfect for holding cotton balls, q-tips and even mouthwash.  You can buy new, reproduction sets or use older, vintage jars.
  3. Mason jars are the perfect country or primitive bathroom accessory, particularly for holding bath salts and bubble bath.  Tie a coordinating ribbon around the neck to enhance your color scheme.
  4. Candles can give your bathroom the spa retreat look that’s the hot trend in bathrooms.
  5. Wicker magazine holders – either old or new – give a homey touch to the bathroom and provide a place to store reading material.  
  6. Small vases can make cute toothbrush holders.
  7. Try a pretty porcelain bowl for a soap holder – preferably one that does not have hand painted decoration that could be damaged by moisture.
  8. Use an antique coat rack for hanging up wet towels.
  9. Display towels in a basket if you’re short on storage space, roll them up neatly for a plush towel stack.
  10. Shells are a fun, free souvenir to take home from your next beach vacation.  Pick up some pretty shells to display in your bathroom – the seaside retreat look is another hot trend in decorating that’s sure to stick around for years to come.
  11. Try a large candlestand or candelabra near the tub to add a touch of drama to the room.
  12. Use pretty, large drawer pulls mounted on the wall to hang up towels.  Group three together at varying heights.
  13. Try a small accent or decorative lamp on the vanity for extra lighting and an extra decorative touch.
  14. Use a pretty, painted flower pot to store hairbrushes and combs and cut back on the clutter at the same time.
  15. Try new, updated pulls on drawers and cabinets to give instant makeover impact.
  16. Plants are the perfect accessory for any room, even the bathroom.
  17. Decoupage an old bucket for a wastebasket, or if you have a primitive or rustic theme in your bathroom, just use the old galvanized bucket without decoupage!
  18. Use an old painted wooden stepladder if you have a really primitive or country theme in your bathroom – it’s perfect for holding extra towels, accessories and plants.
  19. An old wooden bucket is the perfect way to store clutter – try to find one with a lid to really keep it hidden.
  20. A watering can is a cute look for a garden theme bathroom or for primitive or country décor – and it comes in handy if you’ve added plants to the room!