Worthwhile Home Improvements

Did you know that smart home improvements, such as the addition of useful and stylish accessories, can increase your home's value? Accessories are a great way to compliment any room décor, to make a fashion statement of their own, or to add your stamp of personality to your indoor or outdoor décor. Accessories are also a cheap alternative to major home renovations or remodeling, and most of all, accessorizing your living space can be a lot of fun!

Here are some great tips on accessories that will improve the value of your home.

Kitchen Accessories

To better your kitchen without blowing your budget, here are some great modern kitchen accessory ideas that mix high function with high fashion:

•- Multiple storage shelves/cabinets

•- Professional ice machine

  - Microwave Popcorn Maker

•- Coffee/cappuccino maker

•- Door-to-floor spice rack

•- Spray nozzle faucet

•- Modern lighting fixtures

•- Updated, stylish cupboard handles and door knobs

•- Corner/cubby where portable devices can be charged

•- Kitchen plants

•- Kitchen furniture that compliments the room's décor

•- Wall calendars (theme calendars or photo calendars)

•- Fridge magnets (photo magnets or magnets that compliment the kitchen's décor)

•- Fashionable telephones

Bathroom Accessories

Here are some terrific accessories that will easily upgrade the look of your bathroom:

•- Matching towels set

•- Decorative soaps

•- Matching soap dish and toothbrush holder

•- Vanity mirror in styles from old to new

•- Double shower head with hand-held sprayer

•- Hand-held sprayer

•- New shower curtain

•- Storage cabinets

•- Improved lighting

•- Non-skid decorative bathmat or area rug

Floors Accessories

You can enhance your floors and comfort your feet by adding decorative area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, throw rugs that go over carpeting, hearth rugs, and more. Mix fashion with function by investing in stylish doormats or in personalized or monogrammed welcome mats. Teenagers love the look of shag rugs, and your kids will delight in themed area rugs that reflect their interests (i.e. sports rugs, cartoon character rugs, nautical rugs, teddy bear rugs and surfboard rugs). For the dining room, select from contemporary, antique, and Oriental rug designs, and for the rest of the house, select rugs that match or compliment your decorating scheme and that provide a non-skid protective layer for your floors.

Miscellaneous Home Accessories

•- Ceiling fans are all the rage in modern home accessories. Look for the latest high-tech ceiling fans operated by remote control instead of a wall switch.

•- Outdoor heaters

•- Electronic insect control devices

•- Folding chairs that can serve as indoor or outdoor furniture

•- Toy chest or other storage unit that serves to de-clutter your living space and store away toys, old books, extra bedding, out-of-season clothing, and more

•- Artificial or real plants, which enhance the look of any room

Finishing touches

When it comes to home decorating, accessories are the perfect "finishing touches," the small home improvements that complete and compliment the bigger picture of your design scheme. Indeed, accessories are icing on the cake of your "home sweet home"!