Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When it comes to making a fashion statement that is sure to catch the eye, many people overlook the mesmerizing power of mirrors! Mirrors may be functional in the bathroom, but when used as wall art or as the focal point of a room, the mirror on the wall becomes a work of art. In fact, no matter what your décor, decorating with mirrors is an innovative way to bring style to any room!

Types of Mirrors

Today mirrors are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes, or you can custom order a mirror to meet your specific needs. For a particularly eye-popping effect, select a frame for your mirror that brings out the best in you, your mirror, and your room! Choose from classic and contemporary mirrors, sophisticated and elegant mirrors, funky and fun mirrors, abstract art mirrors, round, oval, square, and rectangular mirrors, makeup mirrors, dressing table mirrors, kids' mirrors, full-length and small mirrors, and more.

Decorative Uses of Mirrors

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - but did you know that mirrors can actually work illusionary wonders and alter the appearance of a room?

1) Mirrors increase the brightness of a room! In a room with windows, a mirror strategically placed on the opposite wall will reflect that light, making your room appear lighter and brighter. In a room with poor lighting or no windows, place a bright lamp on a shelf directly in front of the mirror, and as with natural light, the mirror will reflect that light and increase the brightness of the room. For a truly beautiful and artistic way of increasing light and dimension, add a folding screen composed of mirror panels.

2) Magical mirrors create the illusion of space, making a small room look larger! You can enhance this effect by hanging a mirror so that it is highly visible upon entering a room, or by hanging a pair of mirrors on either side of a window. Better yet, for a fashion highlight that is sure to make headlines, cover an entire wall with mirror panels or tiles!

3) Mirrors used as a focal point set the tone for all other décor elements of a room. Whether you want to add a hint of drama, a touch of elegance, or a splash of sensational to your decorating scheme, mirrors have the ability to reflect your stylistic taste!

Mirrors as a Mask

Mixing function with fashion, mirrors are also a creative and economical means of masking or covering up walls with holes, cracks, stains, or any other blemishes or defects.

Decorative Mirror Tips

You can turn the spotlight on mirrors by trying the following:

•- Catch the eye and interest of all by hanging a creative arrangement of small and/or large mirrors on a wall

•- Decorate a room with a series of different-shaped and different-sized mirrors, all united by a similar-styled frame

•- To double the reflection of light, place a pair of mirrors joined together by a butterfly hinge behind flowers, candles, or any other decorative accessory