Clever Calendars

Did you know that calendars are not only terrific organizers and date trackers, but that calendars have become a popular accessory in home and office décor? In fact, there are calendars for every room and calendars for every style. Choose from wall calendars, desk calendars, photo calendars, day-to-day calendars, monthly calendars, inspirational calendars, scenic calendars, quotation calendars, dolphin calendars, favorite hobby calendars, sports calendars, flower calendars, theme calendars, old-fashioned calendars, modern art calendars, business calendars, whimsical calendars, and many more.

Calendars as Decorative Elements

When you choose a calendar that compliments the theme or style of your decorating scheme, calendars become more than just an accessory - they become key decorative elements that make a fashion statement in their own right. Calendars can add a personal touch to your home office, enhance the theme of your kids' bedrooms, contribute to the ambiance of the kitchen, or show off your flair for innovative, up-and-coming novelty items.

Kitchen Calendars

Increasing in popularity each year, kitchen calendars feature not only food, cooking, and home & garden themes, but serve as family organizers, appointment and event reminders, and even the focal point of a busy family's life.

Here are but a few of the scores of kitchen calendars available today:

- Food and cuisine calendars

- Recipe calendars

- Wall calendars

- Organizer calendars

- Photo calendars, custom-made to display the pictures you select

- Linen Cloth calendars

- Kitchen Towel calendars

- Scenic view calendars

- Fresh fruit calendars

- Season calendars

- Desert calendars

- Home & Garden calendars

- Magnetic calendars

Home Office Calendars

To decorate your walls and personalize your desktop, no accessory combines fashion with function better than home office calendars. Here are some types of home office calendars popular today:

Wall Calendars: Standard monthly wall calendars, great for long-term planning, feature an image or picture above each month of the year. Match your calendar color and style with the style of your home office, and turn this useful organizer into an accessory asset.

Erasable Wall Calendars: A must-have home office accessory, these laminated calendars come with write-on/wipe-off markers. Today you can find "themed" erasable wall calendars decorated with an assortment of designs to compliment your taste and style.

Bedroom Calendars

As bedroom accessories, calendars are innovative way to add fun, personality, or a touch of "cool" to your bedroom décor. There are calendars to suit both young and old, with the range of calendar themes and styles expanding every year. Let your kids choose their own calendars (i.e., favorite actor calendars, movie theme calendars, musical band calendars, art calendars, nature calendars, animal calendars, sports team calendars, horoscope calendars) or they can custom-order a personalized calendar.

Personalized Calendars

Combining high fashion with high-technology, today you can custom order and design your own personalized calendar, featuring photographs of your family and friends, your favorite vacation or your most memorable moments. These calendars typically provide extra space to record birthdates, anniversaries, and other special occasions, allowing you to schedule in style.

Modern Desk Calendars

Also known as desk pads, these are multipurpose calendars that protect your office or home office desk surface as well as keep track of your important dates. Modern versions are see-through or housed in attractive vinyl holders that come in a range of colors. Desk pad calendars often include other useful accessories such as a letter tray, pen/pencil cup, and paperclip holder. If you are a computer buff and want to create a unique calendar suited to your individual needs, there are many printable online calendars to choose from

So don't delay: accessorize with clever calendars today!