Kitchen Storage Solutions

What a mess!  Where is that….? Have you seen the….?

If this is part of your nightly dinner prep conversation, reorganize your kitchen.  It’s a quick, easy way to find square footage in your kitchen, or make it part of your kitchen remodeling or redecorating project.  These little tips can save you space, and frustration:

  • Tall cabinets are nothing but wasted space if you don’t maximize the space.  Use simple platforms from any kitchen supply store to stack up those cabinet shelves to make the most of the space.  
  • Pullout shelves and baskets in deeper cabinets, particularly the under-the-sink-cleaning-supplies-cabinet, eliminates the knee popping, back bending stoop to find the scouring powder.  Use a drawer with a top platform for extra space and easier reach.
  • Pot lid holders attached to the back of the cabinet doors work wonders and cut back on the din when rummaging for the perfect pot – although I do use that din to announce that I am making dinner, and they should appreciate that fact.  Storing the pot lids allows you to stack pots and pans instead of each needing its own space.  When you pull out pots and pans and they all fall to the floor,  you can then create the necessary racket if you’d like.
  • Use a stepped plastic platform in the spice cabinet, it creates more room by stacking up and making the labels more visible.  If you really get the urge, you can alphabetize spices to make it even easier to find those ground cloves from last year’s holiday bake fest.
  • Jumbled drawers are space wasters.  Use drawer organizers for utensils and cooking tools.
  • Plastic storage containers are an organizational nightmare in the kitchen.  But there are stylish solutions available.  We love throwaway storage containers, it keeps us from saving every empty margarine tub we’ve ever owned.   Have a pack of each size disposable storage containers on hand.  They stack inside each other and a lost lid won’t be the end of the world.  Lids can have a little space all too themselves so you can stack the bases.
  • Wire vertical dividers clean up your bakeware cabinet by stacking cookie sheets, muffin pans, cutting board and more.  for under $15, the tiered design makes hunting for the pizza pan a thing of the past.

Now that you’ve found all this extra room for storage – use it!  Get those  hardly used small appliances off the countertop and into the cabinet.  A decluttered counter space will give you a new lease on life in the kitchen.