5 Storage Solutions < $10

Storage is always at a premium, you can never have enough.  The more storage you have, the more crap you accumulate.  It’s just human nature.  If you properly organize and store your items to make the most of your space, you’ll have a place for everything and everything in its place.

But storage solutions don’t have to mean redecorating or adding expensive, custom made furnishings.  Try some of these clutter busters and organizers to keep on top of your household storage needs.

Drawer Organizers

So inexpensive, yet so many people go without them.  Who hasn’t had to rifle through their sock or underwear drawer in the morning to find their garments?  Take the plunge and invest a few dollars in some sturdy gift boxes.  Use the bases as drawer organizers to separate out those items in the drawers that end up in tangled messes. 

D Ring Hooks

Any hardware store sells these handy little hooks for about $1.  They can hold a host of items that tend to clutter drawers or fall to the floor of the closet.  Use them as a belt holder, they don’t hold many, but they do keep them in place. 

We use them to hold dog collars and leashes that are forever falling off their hanging hooks.  With four dogs, that’s our major storage issue.  We need those leashes handy and easy to find, and the hooks close in the shape of a D to keep things from sliding off.

Plastic Food Containers

Disposable food containers can be purchased for under $5 for a set and can become organizers for everything from screws to paperclips.  Ikea sells sets of food containers that I find to be too shallow for food storage, but they're very sturdy.  They’re the perfect size to fit in drawers and also make good stacking storage.

Mason Jars

They’re cute, homey and clear, mason jars are one of the most versatile storage solutions you can find.  Available for about $1 each, they can go from the kitchen to the office to store any small item.  The tops can be labeled and they can be decorated to fit right into any home décor.

Storage solutions don’t have to be expensive to have a big impact on your home.  Take a few steps and a few dollars to start organizing and storing.