Clutter Quiz

Is your clutter a problem, or do you have complete control over it?  Take the quiz and find out!

1. When shopping, you find the coolest can opener, you already have two.  Do you..

A. Buy it and throw one away when you get home.
B. Pass it over, you don’t need another one.
C. Buy two of them, maybe you’ll give one as a present.
D. Swear you’ll throw one away when you get home, buy it, but conveniently forget to throw one out.

2. When you open your junk drawer, what do you find?

A. Overflowing containers of paper clips, rubber bands and stamps.
B. Everything’s lined up according to task and properly labeled
C. Nothing, you can’t get it open because it’s so full it’s stuck shut.
D. A jumble of carryout menus, pizza coupons and pens.

3. You have clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn in:

A. 1 year
B. 6 months
C. You’re not quite sure, gouchos did eventually come back into style a few years ago didn’t they?
D. 2 years or more

4. When you open the cabinet to take out a plastic container for leftovers…

A. You decide to use tin foil over the pan instead.
B. You have the perfect sized container and matching lid.
C. Everything falls out onto the counter.
D. You find a container but no lid to match.

5. When you’re finished the latest best seller, you…

A. Put in on the bookshelf, who knows, you may have a house guest who might want to read it.
B. Place it in a pile to be passed along to another family member who hasn’t read it.
C. Hide it under the bed or in a drawer, the bookshelves are overflowing.
D. Use it in a stack to hold a lamp up higher on the nightstand.

How many times did you answer C?

0-1   You have a handle on clutter, you address clutter before it becomes an issue – Good for you!

2-3   You need to invest in smart storage solutions to organize your clutter, it’s starting to get out of control.

4-5   You may need professional help – hire a professional organizer to get you on your way to declutter your home and get it under control, it’s taking over your house!