Space Saving Storage Ideas for the New Year

Organising Christmas festivities when space is limited can be tough, but finding the storage space you need for all of the gifts you've received over the festive season can be an even greater feat. With this in mind, here are three simple storage ideas that will ensure everything has a place.

Create Storage Under the Stairs

Wine and spirits are popular Christmas gifts especially for hosts. If you have been entertaining over the holidays, you may find that your traditional wine rack is overflowing. If you have a small home, it is essential that you maximise storage space in every room but the hallway area is often forgotten. If you are not utilising the space underneath your stairs, it will make a great place to store alcoholic beverages. This is not only a functional way to create space in your home but it is also an easy way to create a unique design feature or a talking point. Turn the space under your stairs into a wine rack and celebrate New Year in style.

Clever Closet Storage

The New Year often brings with it a whole new wardrobe and without the required storage, finding your favourite items of clothing can be quite a challenge. The trick to creating additional wardrobe space without having to purchase additional storage is to organise the space you have. If your wardrobe is made up of a single rail and a shelf, it's time to get creative. If you love creative DIY storage, all you need to increase the functionality of your wardrobe is Pinterest and a few power tools. Invest in multiple wicker boxes that you can stack on the floor of your wardrobe and remove the singular rail and replace it with two. Having two rails separates your storage space and doubles your hanging capacity. It also allows you to use the bottom rail for shorter garments like t-shirts and jumpers.

Don't Forget about Your Doors

When organising your closet space, cupboards and cabinets, don't forget to use the inside of your doors. This is the perfect place to store everything from left over Christmas wrapping and ribbons to hair styling tools and accessories. Simply add a few hooks to the inside of your cupboard doors and take advantage of the extra space to store your belongings. You can even use this type of storage space to house your favourite necklaces, rings and statement bracelets.

The three storage ideas above will help you achieve an organised space for the year ahead. The New Year is a great time for a clear out. Before you begin trying to find a new home for all of your belongings, take a good look at your possessions and make a pile of things that you no longer wear or use. Having a clear out can help you to free up storage space and make room for all of the new things you acquired during the hoildays.