Outdoor Storage

Where’s the best place to store your lawn mower, snow blower, shovels, trimmers and garden tools?  Outside where they belong – lugging out your outdoor tools is just one more excuse to put off mowing the lawn.  Consider an outdoor shed to conveniently store your outside tools, and help clean up your base and garage.

Choose a size and style to suit your needs, your curb appeal and your budget.  Popular materials for storage sheds include:

The lowest cost choice with options from galvanized to vinyl-coated steel.  Stability, rusting and looks are the downside to metal storage sheds.

One step up in the cost factor, but rust and rot resistant with many more styles, colors and options to choose from.

Top of the line and  it shows.  Cedar looks the best and provides natural resistance to rot and insects, but of course is the most expensive option.  Wood should be pressure treated for all wood sheds.

Consider the flooring of the shed as well – bare ground will have moisture issues, wood can rot if not raised and concrete can add expense.  The type of flooring may also determine the structure type for local permitting.  Check with Planning and Zoning to find out what the flooring and foundation options mean for the permitting process.

To build or not to build

Sheds can be custom built to your specifications, or you can purchase a shed that is already built and have it delivered.  The middle option is a kit shed– available for as little as $400, kit sheds offer a lower price but less options for customizing.

Helpful Hints

  • Blend your shed in to the landscaping with annual beds, trellises and climbing vines. 
  • Choose a style and color that reflect your home.  Shutters and windows can turn the shed into an extension of your house.
  • Check building codes in your area for necessary permits.  If you raise your shed on concrete blocks, it may qualify as a non-permanent structure, and may not require a permit.  Call your local Planning and Zoning office.
  • If you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association, you may have rules regarding outdoor storage, check the rules before your start the planning and purchasing process.


Options to customize your shed and suit it perfectly for your needs include:

  • Shelving, benches, interior partition walls, bar shelves, and pegboard for a custom interior
  • Windows for looks and for light
  • Shutters & flowerboxes for color and style
  • Ramps for storing a lawnmower add convenience, and are probably a necessity for a riding mower.

With a variety of building materials, styles, sizes and shapes, you should have no problem finding a shed to suit your home, your storage needs and your budget.