Cutting-Edge Kitchen Cupboard Design

If you're looking for a kitchen makeover, updating your kitchen with modern kitchen cabinetry will not only make a fashion statement, but kitchen improvements are the number one way increasing the value of your home. When it comes to contemporary kitchen design, cupboards take center stage. Cutting-edge, modern kitchen cupboards are designed as either built-in or modular units.

Focal Point

In home decorating, a focal point refers to the design element that sets the tone for the entire room, and that all other aspects of the room either compliment or follow. To give your kitchen a contemporary and distinct look, make your kitchen cupboards the focal point of the room by using cutting-edge materials that catch the eye, and by creating an overall look that says "style" with a flare.

Streamlined Look

Modern kitchen cupboards blend function with fashion via a streamlined look created by long, straight lines, and the avoidance of fancy ornamentation and moldings. You will find long, uniform runs in built-in kitchen cupboards, or individualized segments over areas such as the sink and stove. Modern kitchen cupboards frequently match the countertops with an accent on materials that gleam, shine, or sparkle.

Kitchen Cupboard Materials

Popular materials in contemporary kitchen cupboards include stainless steel, glass panels, natural wood, shining granite, and lacquer finishes. You can also introduce color into your kitchen decorating scheme with cupboards made from plastic veneer.

Do-it-Yourself Kitchen Cupboard Updates

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, you can save a lot of money with these simple do-it-yourself kitchen cupboard upgrades:

•- Paint kitchen cupboards rather than replace them. Select the rest of your kitchen décor to match or to compliment the cupboard focal points

•- Refinish wood cupboards rather than replace them. If you live in an older home with original wood cupboards, the quality of the wood is probably much higher (i.e., solid wood) than what is sold today (i.e. cupboards made from Formica, resin, or particleboard)

•- Instead of regular glass, fashion your cupboards from glass mosaic tiles which will add light, style and drama to your kitchen décor.

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Cupboard Handles

While the modern trend in kitchen cabinetry is sleek, smooth and understated, you can add flair with unique and stylish door/cupboard handles. With the wide range of available sizes, styles and colors, this relatively inexpensive technique can add personality to your kitchen. Select from small and simple handles or pulls to large and intricate designs. However for the most cutting-edge, high-tech designs, today you can invest in remote-controlled kitchen cupboard doors or revolving kitchen cupboards that open a push of the hand and snap firmly shut.

So for an up-to-date kitchen that says high function, high-tech, and high style, invest in modern kitchen cupboards today!