Creative Kitchen Backsplashes

Is a backsplash a necessity or a decoration in the kitchen?  Both – not only does it protect the wall behind the counters, sink and stove, but it can become a focal point in your kitchen. 

No longer are they just plain tile, backsplashes have come a long way in the kitchen, with a host of materials, finishes and styles to take your kitchen from functional to funky, elegant or stylish with an appropriate backsplash to pull together kitchen décor.

Try some fun, creative or classical backsplash ideas to spruce up your kitchen.


No more 4x4 plain white tile – take a tile backsplash to the next level using:

Make your own or many tile stores offer – pre-made mosaics on mesh to mount easily.

Subway Tile
Add vintage appeal to any kitchen with subway tile, the traditional 2 x 6 inch wall tile, applied in a brick pattern that was commonly used in the early 20th Century, and yes, they were used in New York Subways – so if they could withstand that, they should be able to withstand your kitchen.  White was common until the 1930’s when hot colors came into play.  It’s still made today, usually in a 3 x 6 size with more rounded edges.  Try it for a more casual kitchen with vintage charm.

Glass Tile
Add textured glass tiles for a hot look in the kitchen, from single colors to multicolored mosaics, there’s a look for your kitchen, they can decorate in any range – from vintage to contemporary, plain to frosted and best yet, they’re so easy to clean. 


Wished you could have tiled your kitchen in marble or granite, but your budget said no?  Now’s your chance – bring in that expensive marble or granite to your backsplash for elegance to your kitchen.  A black granite backsplash in a small area can be just the grounding effect your kitchen needs. 

For a real stone look, there are actual pebble mosaics being offered that can really rock your backsplash.


Stainless backsplashes have been hot for the past few years, but that trend is cooling off.  What isn’t cooling is textured metal to simulate antique ceiling tiles.  Not only can you use old ceiling tiles for a backsplash, but there are plenty of products that can give you the look:

Textured Wallpaper
Paint with a semi-gloss paint to keep them easy to clean and more durable;

Textured Metal Sheets
Available in a variety of finishes, copper, tin and even brass, they can be mounted as found or painted with a semi-gloss.

Metallic Look Tiles
Metallics are all the rage right now and they are perfect for the kitchen backsplash.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs
For a casual, fun backsplash, we recently installed several old metal advertising signs as a backsplash for our eclectic kitchen.  Reproduction signs are available with some great graphics for just $10 each.  One of our signs is a reproduction, mounted over the stove for a diner and gas station that reads “Eat here and get Gas” – my husband’s choice, of course.

No matter what backsplash you choose, show it off – under-counter lighting will accent your backsplash and countertop and put your kitchen in a whole new light.