What’s Cooking in the Kitchen –Hot Kitchen Trends for 2009

When the  National Kitchen and Bath Association speaks, interior designers listen, and they’re speaking about the trends to look for in the kitchen for 2009.  You don’t need to perform a complete kitchen makeover to work in some of these hot new trends for kitchens.

Black and White
It’s in, it’s dramatic and it’s an easy look to get.  Talk about simplistic styling, creating a black and white décor for your kitchen is a snap.  We particularly love the black and white checkerboard effect on a tile floor, it’s a timeless Victorian look gone modern.  Black cabinets in a gloss finish are stunning and dramatic against white.

Tin Ceilings
And speaking of Victorian – tin ceilings are back and bold and wow, can they make a statement.  They can also make an impact on your redecorating budget.  Not ready to take that plunge.  Try the budget version, use them to create a backsplash.  The larger hardware stores carry tin tiles and panels making this an easy budget project.

Steel Countertops
Kitchens are taking their stainless appliances one step further and carrying the look into countertops.  We love the commercial look of stainless countertops, and it doesn’t need to be cold looking, combine it with warm wood cabinets and stone flooring to warm up the look. 

They’re not just tiled in anymore – creative backsplashes using fabrics, bamboo and other forms are protected by a plastic panel for a unique look that opens up a whole new box of design elements. 

Talk about a hot trend – large dramatic stone fireplaces are making appearances in kitchen design, part of the trend of making your kitchen a family and guest friendly entertaining area.

Not just for cabinet doors or drinking – glass is turning up in some very unusual places in kitchen design – backsplashes and countertops are sporting glass, adding a transparent depth to your kitchen countertops giving a bright modern look to your kitchen workspace.  This trend may have some staying power, as glass countertops are  non-porous, moisture-resistant and stain resistant, making it easy maintenance and hygienic.  And talk about a drama queen, glass countertops can be lit from underneath for an elegant, dramatic kitchen statement.