Bringing in the Kitchen Pros

When a budget makeover or redecorating just doesn’t cut it in your kitchen, it’s time to call in the big guns – but who are you going to call?  There are a range of professionals ready, willing and able to take on a kitchen remodel:

Interior Designers

Interior designers tend to focus more on the look and layout of the kitchen.  They offer services ranging from designing an entire kitchen to adding finishing touches.  They can also be your link to the subcontractors completing the actual plumbing, electrical and carpentry work, which is half the challenge during kitchen remodels.

Certified Kitchen Designers

If your kitchen remodeling project is focusing on making the space work for your lifestyle, along with making it attractive, a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) may be your ticket to your dream kitchen.    The NKBA – National Kitchen and Bath Association certifies professionals and promotes ethical business practices and standards in kitchen and bath design.  While a CKD can look at your lifestyle and design a kitchen to suit it, they are not qualified architects that can come up with plans for an addition or very extensive remodeling jobs that will be removing walls or adding windows.


If your kitchen remodeling project is extensive, and you need to make major changes to the kitchen, such as knocking things down or building an addition, you’ll need the services of an architect.  They not only design the layout and structure of the kitchen, they oversee the project and are the liaison between you and the contractor and subcontractors.

Design and Build Firms

Some companies are full service design and build companies that not only help you design your kitchen, but complete the construction for it.  If you know what you want and need more in the contracting area than the design area, this may be an option for you.  It is important that you check that they do have a qualified kitchen designer, preferably a Certified Kitchen Designer, on their staff for design services.

If you’re ready to take the step of hiring a professional to help you with your kitchen makeover, be prepared by having ideas of what you like and your design needs. 

  • Start cutting out pictures in magazines or printing from online galleries – if you hate something, make sure you print out a few examples of that as well and mark what you hate in the design.
  • Be prepared to answer a slew of questions regarding your household and lifestyle to help design the best kitchen for your needs.
  • Be prepared to set a budget.  Be honest with your professional regarding your budget and financial needs.

By choosing the right professional, and doing some research on your own – you’re going to be able to hire the best kitchen pro to meet your kitchen remodeling needs.