Country Kitchens - In or Out?

Remember the 80’s country decorating…stenciled ducks, cows, way too many hearts and that country blue shade that was everywhere?  Is it in or out in kitchen décor?  It’s still in, but in an updated, stylish way.

That 1980 phase was not true country, it was excessive, just as many things were in the 1980’s.  Country is about simplicity, family life, good food and plenty of home cooking.  It’s giving a nod and a smile to farmhouse living and trying to capture that feeling in décor and style.


Natural looking flooring of course – hardwood or knotty pine, even painted, just like the farmhouse kitchen would have.  Braided and hooked area rugs can lend to the look as well if you have a tile floor.  Warmth and comfort is key to country kitchen décor and flooring.


Natural textiles, warm antiques and vintage decorations work so well in the country kitchen.  Since one aspect of country kitchen décor is to reuse and repurpose, accessories are usually well within your decorating budget.

Nature makes some great accessories – dried sunflowers, fresh flowers, even mason jars with stored beans can make attractive country kitchen accessories.  Old advertising and canning labels work right into the look of a country kitchen as well.


I love faded colors in country kitchens, they seem appropriate – age worn and comforting.  With the more modern country decorating, any color under the sun is fair game, opening up a whole new world of decorating possibilities. 

Don’t be shy about using a bright color on the wall or in a throw rug – country decorating is anything but depressing.  If you’re going for the purist country look, remember that country decorating is about rural homes that often have dirt roads, so the colors tended to be a little darker than those city dwellings due to the dust.


Repurposing furniture to use in the kitchen is a great way to decorate the country kitchen.  Comfort is key to choosing the right furniture, along with places to gather with the family for meals.  Large farm tables and ladder back chairs, painted or natural, look right at home in the country kitchen.

Country decorating isn’t about fussy clutter, it’s about a look back to a simpler life and the décor that worked with in those homes in rural areas.