Home Maintenance Checklist

Your home needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs to stay in tip-top shape. This season-by-season guide is a helpful resource to keep your home in order throughout the year.

Spring Home Maintenance

When spring arrives, focus on the landscaping projects you were putting off during the winter months.

• Clean debris and leaves from gutters and downspouts. Install gutter guards to prevent clogging.

• Touch up damaged or peeling paint

• Wash all windows. Check for cracks or damage to weather stripping.

• Fertilize your lawn

• Check basement for any water damage from winter weather

Summer Home Maintenance

In the summer, focus on projects that ensure your home stays cool and comfortable.

• Change your heating and ventilation filters.

• Check HVAC unit

• Install new windows if possible

• Clean attic and storage spaces to keep your home free from clutter

Fall Home Maintenance

As fall arrives, begin to prepare your home for cooler weather and possible winter storms.

• Clean debris and leaves from gutters and downspouts

• Inspect your roof and chimney for visible damage

• If possible, have a professional inspect your roof to ensure it can withstand the fast approaching winter weather

• Check HVAC unit

• Check windows and doors for cracks and damage to weather stripping.

Winter Home Maintenance

In the winter, focus on projects that increase your energy efficiency. This will help save a few extra pennies here and there throughout the cold winter months!

• Clean or replace furnace filters

• Inspect doors, windows, and crawlspaces for any possible unwanted air flow

• Cut hanging tree limbs and shrubbery surrounding your home to avoid potentially serious damage in inclement weather