Every day thousands of people thumb through interior decorating and design magazines searching for just the right tip, just the right idea or picture to solve they’re decorating dilemmas.  Jane was no different, she had read every interior-decorating magazine, and looked at every home improvement TV show, but she could not find her answers. "How hard could it be," she thought, "all I want is to know how to make colors, fabrics, art, accessories etc., all coordinate and work together.  I just want my house to feel like home, to be beautiful and comfortable for my family."

Often families are faced with this dilemma and often feel overwhelmed at all the options and possibilities.  The cost of decorating creates anxiety; the fear of making mistakes and the idea and expense of hiring a professional seems inconceivable for many homeowners.  If you have ever felt like this, or don’t know where to start on your interior-decorating project, please read the following information.  Perhaps, you have started decorating a room or your entire home, and would like some additional help and money saving ideas; this system could be perfect for you too! Read on………..

Dear Friend,

In my 20 plus years of experience as a professional decorator, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have seen the experience described above played out in lives.  Many women and men experience anxiety and a lack of confidence when they have to make expensive choices for their homes, and sometimes are disappointed with their decisions.  After observing this phenomenon for 20 years, I was inspired to create a system to help people with their decorating dilemmas.  What I have created for you is a system to help you make confident and proper choices.  To help you decorate on a budget and provide inspiration and the knowledge you need to guarantee a beautifully decorated home or room.  Please read the following information for details on how "you can do it."



The dilemma of women and men having to make color choices and decorating decisions for a room or home was my motive in developing the Decorator Secrets System.  Over the years as I worked with clients decorating their homes, most would come in for their first appointment, having absolutely no idea of what color scheme or color palette they wanted to decorate with.  I had to find a way to help them with a color direction.  I discovered that showing them the color boards used for model and client homes was very helpful. 

My clients were always dazzled and impressed with the color boards. Especially if it was representative of a model home they had visited or purchased from.  Seeing how I started the project and then seeing the finished model was an enlightening experience.  This event and customer reaction is what inspired me to create the 18 color scheme guides.  The color guides and coordinated selections offer you a huge variety of color schemes and options to choose from. 

Color Scheme Guide - B

Color Scheme Guide Example

  • Each Color Scheme Guide provides a specific style and color scheme for your review and study, so you will learn your color preferences and how to coordinate colors

  • Each Color Scheme Guide shows you how the professionals create and coordinate an entire design project. Starting with a key/inspiration fabric and building a complete color scheme, with it’s respective fabrics, wallpapers (reproduced samples) etc. for the design project 

  • Once you have determined which color scheme you like best the Color Scheme Guide will give you the confidence to proceed with your project 

  • Each Color Scheme Guide will give you the immediate ability to visually see design concepts and colors without having to spend months researching books and magazines 

  • Color Scheme Guides are invaluable in helping you discover your color preferences 

  • The Color Scheme Guides will help you and your family decide which color scheme and style is perfect for you. 

  • The Color Scheme Guides will help your husband/other half visualize the colors and value of the decorating choices available to you with these color guides 

  • Each Color Scheme Guide provides a balanced color scheme and style appropriate for an average size home. The research is done for you! It displays reproduced fabric and wallpaper samples for approximately 6-8 rooms

  • Each color guide comes with a resource page for all the samples shown which includes (Vendor name, pattern number, fabric width and repeats, suggested paint colors and carpet colors)

  • Each color guide resource page will provide the information necessary so you may duplicate the products in your own home (Affordable Elegance -a full service design firm in Florida) can help you with all the products displayed on the guides and provide actual fabric or wallpaper samples upon request.

  • You will be so proud of yourself, because after using the Color Scheme Guide you’ll feel like a Pro. 

  • Interior Decorating is Made Easy with Color Scheme Guides 

  • The use of Color and Style Guides could save you thousands of dollars in mistakes

Click here to see 18 Color Scheme Guide Choices



This workbook has been written and designed to be a practical, useful tool to help you achieve your decorating dreams.

Through many years of working with clients on projects, I have learned what the customer really wants to know from a professional decorator.  This workbook and kit is my way of transferring this information, so you will be empowered to decorate your own home with confidence and pride.  Below is just a sampling of some of the subjects and tips covered in the workbook.

  • One thing you must never do is worry; "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 

  • There are 8 major steps to completely decorated your home (walls, flooring, furniture, window treatments, lighting, artwork, accessories, plants/floral) 

  • Create a theme room

  • Create a romantic bedroom suite 

  • How to create a happy and cheerful environment in your home. 

  • Discover how to "treat" your walls, wallpaper vs. Paint, etc…. 

  • Learn the tricks on furniture, style, placement, scale, etc…. 

  • How to match colors and patterns that are pleasing 

  • Do’s & don’ts on flooring…..how to choose the right product? 

  • Tips for window treatments…..how will I know the right treatment to use? 

  • The importance of accessories!….how and where to use them. 

  • The secrets of lighting……what to do and what not to do….create a "mood" with lighting 

  • The secrets of selecting artwork…..how to choose, how to hang, how to create groupings, how to create "interest". 

  • How to keep your decorating project organized and reduce problems. 



Just think of all the goodies you could buy for your family or home with the money you will save decorating your home.  With the Decorator Kit or Super Package you will gain knowledge and confidence beyond your imagination, learning……..

  • how to avoid costly mistakes.

  • how to make the most out of your spending dollar.

  • learn how to proceed step by step with your home decorating project.

  • the secrets you need to know to begin, complete, and save up to 60% on your decorating project.

  • how to save $$$, and solve problems with professional tricks of the trade.

  • learn where to find decorating products at the lowest prices.



The "Heart of the System" is the Color Scheme Guides created by professional decorators for you.  As you have seen from the list above, the Color Scheme Guides are the most important tool to ensure yourself of a beautifully decorated home!  Many hours, days, and weeks of work and research have gone into developing one Color Scheme/Style Guide.  These Guides provide for you the most practical and useful tool for decorating your home.  The Decorator Secrets System consist of, 3 professionally created Color Scheme Guides (18 to choose from), the workbook "The Secrets to a Beautiful Home" and 3 FREE gifts.  If your desire is to save money (hundreds to thousands) and have total confidence in making the correct choices necessary to beautifully decorate your home, then you cannot afford to pass up this System.

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You will not find this system anywhere else, it is
truly exclusive!!

Everything you need to know to have a beautifully decorated home is contained in this explosive Decorating Kit.  You will not find this presentation of professional Color Scheme Guides anywhere else, not in stores, in books, publications or anywhere else on the Internet.  This is not a book of paint chips or an information package; it is a unique opportunity to have the inspiration and knowledge of professional decorators transferred to you via the color guides, workbook and gifts. You will be saving money and time. You will avoid disastrous mistakes!  You will learn the secrets other people only wish they knew.  This System is truly exclusive!


Here is what people are saying:

"After purchasing a new home I was overwhelmed with the thought of decorating it, I didn’t know how to bring the things we already own into the new house and make it work.  I was looking for a decorator when I ran across this "kit."  I purchased the Super Package and have read the book twice.  Your book has helped me so much!  Thank you for the wisdom.  I am now confident that I am able to do the decorating myself with Decorator Secrets at my side."
Christine M. – Flatrock, Michigan

"I think your web site is great!  I have gotten a lot of ideas from the site, but when I got the Kit, I thought, WOW!  The detail you have put into the Color Scheme Guides with all the selections and sources, and the book, it’s Great!  Thank you."
Betty D. – Dunedin, Florida

"I just wanted to say that your Kit has been so helpful to me on a redecorating project for my home.  It was the best money I’ve ever spent on a decorating book.  The Color Scheme Guides are wonderful and have been a tremendous help.  Thanks so much."
Colleen W. – Flint, Michigan

"Your DS kit is one of best décor investments I have made.   Your color guide helped me a lot in making valuable decorative decisions easily and confidently.  I love the list of resources that comes with the color guide.  No more guesswork.  Thanks"
Shubha S. - East Brunswick, New Jersey

The decorating system I received promptly is great - it's just that extra bit of knowledge I needed to give me the confidence to proceed with my decorating. Your new discussion forum is excellent-- I check in every day.  Thanks"
Rya- St. Petersburg, Florida

When I got home Friday night, the color guides and manual were waiting for me! --It was interesting to compare the moods and effect of each set of colors.--Thanks for giving me the courage to try.  The color guides gave me the confidence to take the plunge, and I'm happier than I hoped to be with the results.  Thank you
Sylvia -Lawrence, Kansas

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If you want to order, I insist you do so entirely at our risk.  That is why the System comes with a No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee*.  There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this 30 day Money-Back Guarantee*.  What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken."  After all, my reputation is on the line.  Therefore, I want you to order this kit today…. examine it, use it…if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price.  You can even keep the free gifts, as my way of saying "Thank You" for trying the system.  You simply cannot lose.

*The Money-Back Guarantee is for the purchase price of the product(s). The cost of shipping & handling will not be refunded.



The 3 Color Scheme Guides, the workbook "Secrets to a Beautiful Home," combined with the 3 Free Gifts (see complete details below), and you will be on your way to a BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED HOME! This essential kit is worth far more than the normal price of $69.95, but as a special it is available to you for a short time at 45% off the regular price, which leaves you with: the incredibly low price of $39.95. This price is lower than a couples’ night out for dinner and a baby-sitter. Really, can you afford to pass up this offer? This System will pay for itself the first time you use it. Just one of the hundreds of tips and secrets will pay for the System. And, that’s right - you get everything for the low price, plus S&H and tax for FL residents)



The Decorator Secrets kit includes 3 professionally designed and assembled Color Scheme Guides in today’s colors and styles, a $60.00 value alone.  You will also receive the workbook "Secrets to a Beautiful Home," (8 chapters on the major steps and hundreds of tips) a $20.00 value.  You will also receive THREE GIFTS absolutely FREE (architectural scale ruler, furniture templates and scaled graph paper).  The complete decorator kit is valued at well over $ 80 dollars.  Not to mention that if you hired a professional decorator to create and assemble 3 Color Scheme Guides for you, it could cost you more than $500. dollars each.  Don’t pass up this extraordinary value at $39.95.



If you could imagine hiring a professional decorator to create and assemble for you 18 Color Scheme/Style Guides, it would cost you thousands of dollars. The Super Package includes all 18 Color Scheme Guides, the workbook "Secrets to a Beautiful Home," and 3 Free Gifts. The Super Package will give you an unlimited array of color scheme choices resulting in the most powerful decorating tool on the market today. The ability to suit your taste and style will be limitless!! Your family will have unlimited visual choices to select from. The flexibility that having all of the Color Scheme Guides provides you is inconceivable. The unlimited selections will give you the guaranteed confidence in yourself that the color selections reflect your tastes and style before you make any purchases. This complete package is an incredible value at $97.00.



The color scheme guides are available for you to order separately, or to add a few to your kit. Each color guide may be purchased for $19.95 and may be ordered using the secure order page. Click here to see Color Scheme Guide choices.



The workbook is available for you to order separately. It can be purchased for $19.95 and may be ordered using the secure order page.



We have tried to make ordering as easy and fast as possible.  The first and fastest way to order is directly shopping cart.  We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail advising you that your order has been received and processed.  Your order will be shipped within 72 hours of receiving it.  You can also order through "snail" mail.  All you have to do is write your name and address and the word "Decorator Secrets System" on a piece of paper, and send it along with your payment plus shipping & handling to Decorator Secrets, 875 Eglinton Ave. West, Suite 210, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6C 3Z9.

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We look forward to getting a letter from you, telling us about your beautifully decorated home and how you spent the huge amount of money you saved.  We love getting the mail and hearing the success stories.

P.S.  If you are still not sure about this opportunity to create the beautifully decorated home you have dreamed of, consider this: putting off the option of trying this system will not solve the dilemma.  Try it, you have nothing to lose and a beautiful home to gain, why wait, order today and start putting the secret tools to work immediately – you’ll be glad you did.

In our desire to serve you better, we would appreciate any comments or feedback; email us at [email protected].