Antique & Vintage Wall Clocks

When it comes to wall art, consider choosing a vintage or antique wall clock to add unique charm and personality to any room.  While fine, antique clocks from the 19th Century and earlier can cost big bucks, there are many vintage clock from the 1900s to the present that are available in the secondary market – auctions, flea markets and antique stores – that can have a big impact on wall décor for a budget price.

Kitchen Wall Clocks

A clock on a kitchen wall adds warmth and charm to this room that is often way too functional looking.  Some excellent choices to consider for the kitchen are:

  • Vintage schoolhouse clocks from the early 20th Century;
  • Art Deco clocks – the most budget friendly choice as wall clocks were plentiful in the Art Deco era of the 1930’s;
  • Late Victorian ‘gingerbread’ clocks with carved oak cases are particularly charming in country décor; and
  • Reproduction clocks that mimic railroad clocks are a good budget alternative.

Family Room Clocks

The family room wall can handle any number of antique or vintage wall clocks.  Clock with wood cases in particular bring a warmth and charm to the room for any style décor.  There are plenty of styles available for family rooms:

  • Calendar clocks – these were popular in the 1910’s and have warm wood cases with a dial that not only tracks the time, but the date as well.  Expect to pay $250-$350 for a decent example, and make sure the clock is in working condition, as they can be expensive to repair.
  • Ship’s clocks – Old brass windup clocks are popular choices for the family room.  They tend to run in the range of $200- $500 depending on the maker and the size.

Living Room Clocks

An antique clock in the living room is an exceptional choice in wall art.  From modern to traditional, there are many choices to consider:

  • Regulator Clocks - Viennese and German regulator clocks have large, ornate cases and a large pendulum to make quite a statement in a more formal living room.  While these clocks used to cost $1,000 and more, bargain examples can be found online, but make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and make sure the clock is in working order, as repairs can be costly.  Another consideration to purchasing online is shipping.  As these clocks are large and heavy, they can easily be damaged in transit.
  • Wag on the Wall Clocks - These are the most charming clocks you can find and are perfect for more casual décor.  Wag on the wall clocks consist of a painted face and dangling pendulum and are not cased.  They are the most charming folk art timepieces and examples can be found for under $300.  Make sure all the parts are present, as replacement parts can be difficult to find.

If you’re looking for an exceptional piece of wall art for your decorating project, consider an antique or vintage clock to add charm and personality to any room.