Kitchen Appliance Trends

Kitchens make up over 10% of the value of your home, so keeping up with appliance trends and keeping the kitchen current is just as important as your home’s curb appeal.  It's one of the main selling points of your home, buyer’s want current, attractive kitchens.
Stay up to date with the latest technology in appliances and check out the appliance trends for the upcoming year:

Commercial Continues

Nothings beats cooking on commercial appliances, and the price of them shows it.  Expect consumer appliances to start offering more commercial features and looks for the average homeowner trying to update their kitchen..

High Tech Help

High tech appliances with more bells and whistles and cool features will continue to take appliances to a new level.

What Appliances? 

Look for more kitchens to start offering hiding places for the smaller appliances that litter countertops.  Cabinet space with convenient access and slide up doors on the countertop are two of the offerings thus far – not to mention the pop-up drawer for that heavy mixer.

And Speaking of Hidden...

Look for appliances to start offering more integration into the kitchen instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.  More choices will be offered for integrating the appliances into the cabinetry for a more polished look.


Those who aren’t hiding the appliances are findiing some cool colors if they shun stainless.  Look for new finishes and color options to appear by year end.

Double Dishwashers

There aren’t many out there now, but there will be.  What a timesaver to have two dishwashers, one on top of the other, one for clean, one for dirty.  Don’t unload the dishwasher just to have to unload the cabinet when you’re going to use them, take them straight from the dishwasher to the table with these timesavers.  But if you think you have problems now figuring out if the dishwasher has clean or dirty dishes, wait until you try the double dishwashing drawers!

Hot Water Dispensers

As energy efficiency continues to be stressed in the home, look for cool tech ideas such as a hot water dispenser to save time and energy when boiling water.

Retro Styling

With the stainless trend continuing, and homeowners wanting to warm up the kitchen, look for retro styled appliances to test the waters this year.

And Speaking of Energy Efficiency...

Appliances will be more efficient than ever with going green the current trend.