Going Global with Paint

Going global is not only the hottest trend in marketing, but the trend has made its way into home decorating as well.  As international influences cross the borders into interior décor, their color palettes are claiming a place in paint schemes in a big way.

Chinese Palettes

  The Chinese have always been able to keep their traditions and blend in modern influences.  Their hip youngsters bring in bold color choices with a nod to ancient tradition.  Bright Chinese red is a hot Sherwin Williams color, particularly when it comes to painting dining rooms.  Soft greens and deep blues calm the palettes down, and rich colors reign supreme.

The reds in these palettes are usually glossy and emulate lacquered cinnabar carvings.  As red is thought to ward off evil, many Chinese homes have red in their exterior paint scheme, or even red lights in the windows.  Red is a powerful color in globally influenced color palettes.

Japanese Palettes

Deep earth tones of Japanese palettes fit right into the environmentally friendly décor that is so hot this season.   With a nod to tradition, Japanese color schemes often involve glossy black, which emulates the rich, black lacquered wood furnishings of Japan.  Every room could use a touch of black to help ground the decor, it's an age-old interior design trick. 

Japanese style mixes minimalism and naturalism, and their color palettes reflect this.  Red is also a strong color in Japanese décor, and the neutral earthy tones make a handsome offset to it.

Moroccan Palettes

Moroccan décor has strong influence in interior design, and the color palette is not shy about it.  Vivid blues, rustic oranges and tropical greens mix with earthy, spicy colors.  The hot trend in this year’s interior décor has been metallic finishes, which is a nod to the Moroccan global influence in design.

Spanish Palettes

Design has always been influenced by Spanish style, and today’s decorating trends show it to be stronger than ever.  Saturated color schemes such as warm golds, deep blues and hot reds bring traditional Spanish style to modern décor.  Add a touch of wrought iron, and your hacienda will be oh-so globally stylish.

With the one world design influence, look for deep and intense paint colors to become more popular and global palettes to play a large role in paint colors.